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Do you know how to clean the inflatable pool?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
Now many families are likely to buy the inflatable pool as a choice of summer cool and refreshing, the use of inflatable pool, can let the child play have a clean, safe water. After all, children are still like playing with water, and so hot in the summer, play can also play the role of cool water. But used inflatable pool to be clean, and do you know how to clean inflatable pool? Let's inflatable pool manufacturer to tell you. Cleaning method a lot of people find washing water capsule is a very troublesome thing, actually otherwise, the simple method is with hot, soapy water flushing water body. If the effect not beautiful, you can then use one third of the soda and three-quarters of the water mixture, add a quarter of the lemon juice. Shake again, loosen the lid and exhaust gas. Repeat this three times as much as possible, and exhaust gas soak for 20 minutes, and then use hot water washing three times. Need to note is that, in the process of adding lemon juice to dry in the soda will produce a bubble phenomenon and the phenomenon of negative pressure, need to be careful. Clean the inflatable pool, dry clean, so that can be stored away. The next time I want to use, also need not worry about is not clean. Although the use of inflatable pool can have great benefits, but also do not forget to clean, so that safety and health. If you are looking for inflatable toys, inflatable pool, what want to know, welcome to inquire inflatable pool raw plant manufacturers.
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