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Do you know about children's naughty fort amusement equipment?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Hand in all sexual norms children are vulnerable groups in all groups, because they are vulnerable to damage, and in the children's naughty fort amusement equipment planning priority must be to safety issues. Location is also important, children activities places should be far away from the roadway and the surrounding environment more messy and complex personnel fluidity big public places, places and the surrounding environment and can't let children lose contact, become blind spots, in case of vehicle, illegal threatening to children. In addition to pay attention to the safety of activities equipment and children naughty fort amusement equipment detailed planning of security, can't show the projections of risk ( Such as nails and bolts, etc. ) , kneading, sharp margin, Angle and can jam children children's head and fingers hole, in order to prevent the accident damage children's activities, to avoid harming children. Naughty castle for this criterion play naughty castle children think the plan should be service for the purpose, each kind of activity space planning and games facilities placed to meet children's collective body characteristics, activity standards. For example, with children and adults have apparent distance height, some adults can easily see the past barriers often blocking a 3 - completely - - - - - - - - - - - - 5 years old children's field of vision, and some suitable for adult use of tables and chairs completely is not convenient for children. In planning for children, therefore, must pay special attention to the children walking in the playground, Benz, climbing and when crawling eye vision and physical standards. Entertainment and criterion to consider the importance of children's growth and diversity of activities, planning should be participation, diversity, common sense and fun to be in harmony an organic whole, invented a relaxed, natural and function exactly for children activities, and must be endowed culture, make the environment 'and' potential effect, let the children in the amusement increase common sense, in a happy learning and growing.
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