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Disaster relief tents set up steps!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
The coming of the accident we cannot predict, like earthquake, sudden appearance let people by surprise, not only lost their homes, also posed a threat to the safety of the people, in this case it is very important to set up relief camps. What is so relief tents set up steps? Below small make up to parse for everybody, want to know some of you to join us in understanding! Disaster relief tents, also known as dispatched as tents tents, military tents, construction, civil, it belongs to is one of the tents. Used in the field, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood control and wild lives long/short term use. / tools/raw material canvas method steps out eight general stem and has good bonding fixed the three groups of end of the wire rope tee, the four-way herringbone and connected into three groups. Take general tee, in 4 root and end of stem of four-way framework. The whole cotton tank set in three groups on the shaft bracket, adjust the position make cotton bladder tent on the shaft strut bar in the middle. Outer tent set in three groups of a-frame cotton outside the tank, and adjust the position. Stud 6 rods respectively inserted into the tee and four-way, tent with six people together to set up, and have been put to rod head member joined up. Gable side wall and cotton cotton bladder bladder with nylon thread gluing adhesive is good, and adjust the position. Will be a single tent body of the vertical rod parts after the strapping tape through the cotton inner circle of copper covered strapping on each post. Each part banding belt fasten, nylon zippers buckle, and adjust the tent position, connected to the framework of the bar. Side walls and gable shakedown tent bladder by nylon fastening adhesion. The corresponding location on the ground into the triangle pile, fixed rope, adjust the tightness, and rubber pile head set on the triangular pile end. Tents, ridging buried around the tent. What is the relief tent set up steps? Through the above content, believe everybody in some kind of understanding, already know the answer! If you think small make up a great help to us, so in order to let more people benefit from, you may wish to forward, to let more people benefit. A: a: on disaster relief tents selection method, you get here? Next article: next up: the most useful of relief tents set up formula!
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