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Disaster relief tents selection method, you get here?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
What day does natural disasters coming, who are unpredictable. But the disaster heartless, human beings, do all the work after disasters is very important. In the process of rescue, relief tent is indispensable. The selection method of relief tents, you get here? Below small make up to resolution for you, and see it together! This is government procurement relief tents, can be used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency treatment, relief supplies store and staff accommodation, etc. Disaster relief tent size should be according to the number of selected, too much so as not to cause waste, also won't feel crowded, small tent is too big or too small will affect the practical use of it. Relief tent material tarpaulins and both shelf is be short of one cannot, can see when buying options. For small make up tarpaulins have Oxford cloth, canvas, shelves have galvanized pipe and tube of the lacquer that bake. Relief tent quality that is key, the quality is good use of time is long, when using can cope with changeable weather, and don't have to worry about tarpaulin damage, damage to the shelf. Disaster relief tents design can look on both sides of the tent screen window, can on the tent with cotton, tarpaulins, printing. Disaster relief tents price in this problem, small make up also understand each customer psychology, but here need to explain the factors that affect the price has the following points. A, the size of the tent, material is different, the price also change. Second, the need to print on the tent, tent cotton is extra charges. Three, tent industry raw material prices is not stable, so every time offer has a certain time limit, shall be consulted when buying customer service. Through the above content, believe everybody choose method of relief tents have mastered! If you want to purchase tent, might as well contact small make up, do you need tents here, not only cost-effective and quality guaranteed, absolutely won't let you down! A: a: on what are the precautions for disaster relief tents set up next: next up: disaster relief tents set up steps!
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