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Disaster relief tents before use what preparation work to do

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Beside we often can see the relief tent, even if not seen real should also be seen in the TV. It plays the role of in the process of disaster relief is not small, it can protect the safety of people's life, warm warm is possible, and each time the happening of calamity it will appear so called reliable relief tents, but at the time of use if you don't have contact with may not use, let's learn together. Ground preparation before one, set up in relief camps before using need to set up the venue clean level off, there are sharp cut during prevent tents set up tents. Tent cut air leakage does not work, at the time of mud structures can be dug sewers around the tent to ensure that the drainage of the ground is good, keep tents around the dry ground. Second, eliminate lampblack device in the tent to prepare proper relief tents in addition to outside can also be used to live as the kitchen, or office is ok. If cooking at relief camps to blocked the fire with fire prevention board to avoid direct contact with the camp fire. Platoon lampblack, prepared to fire at ordinary times, avoid fire rush while causing other problems. Three check relief tents, tents all parts at the time of using its parts to inspection and maintenance at any time, to make tents after do not use dry cloth to store later, the parts are short of one cannot. Cost-effective tents to the disaster relief when play a good role. Each part should be familiar with its use and place to won't encounter obstacles when set up relief camps. Disaster relief tents introduced in several areas need to be aware of before using finished, the later in the use of the tent when there is a big help. Learn this preparation method in the use of hands up and would not be full, when I was a disaster can timely handle the matters relating to the tent. This is vital when disaster strikes. A: a: on qualified disaster relief tents have three characteristics: next article next article: military tents on the structure of what are the basic species
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