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director guillermo del toro calls out canadian airline over baggage mixup

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-18
Director Guillermo del Toro is on the phone at a number of Canadian Airlines
He slammed his travel woes on Twitter, insisting that it was not sparked by anger, but concerns about any passenger trying to drive a \"lioness --
Such as the complexity of baggage extraction.
The Oscar winner spoke in a series of tweets released on Thursday about his search for the lost bag, which began two days ago when he arrived in Paris, was welcomed by \"Lost Bag.
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He tweeted that a series of inquiries about Air Canada had not been answered in the next 24 hours, and later realized that his report had been submitted with the wrong email address.
Del Toro, after calling the airline with the help of a friend in Toronto, said he was sure the bag would arrive and it did --
But his troubles will not end.
Del Toro claims that Air Canada subsequently handed the package to a French courier service that told him after further communication that his package would be sent out within three dayshour window.
On the penultimate day of his stay, he waited patiently for delivery, first at the door, and then on the street where he chatted with passers-.
He said there were still no bags after several selfies.
Although Del Toro offered to meet his luggage at the airport terminal, he said he had not been reunited with his belongings.
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He insisted on offering preferential services.
\"In an era of anger, let me clarify --
\"This is not a clue to anger,\" he wrote . \"
5 million Twitter fans can imagine that if another traveler loses a quarterly holiday because of a similar \"lion-like\"like” riddle.
He started digging deep into how much air Canada spent on advertising because it should \"handle these things better \".
\"A spokesperson for Air Canada said he understood that Del Toro had received his luggage on Thursday and that delegates had been in contact with him to resolve any other issues.
\"We fully understand that a delayed package is an inconvenience and we do our best to ensure that the package arrives with the customer,\" Peter Fitzpatrick said in an email . \".
Del Toro signed his name on Twitter and begged the airline to find a better delivery service
Before going to enjoy some French cuisine, comment online on the company\'s stars.
He pondered that maybe he would have some beef from the burgeron or a haricots verts salad.
Del Toro won an Oscar for best director in Ontario
Filmed the shape of the water.
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