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Different season different methods using the tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Most of the mountain air is strong, properly curtains camp column necessary support and resistance to sudden bad weather, curtains demand planning must be appropriate rock climbing or hiker, qualitative easy with live comfortable. Is a single layer, appropriate ventilation, it is a kind of canopy to add a layer of the bottom of the nylon, appropriate ventilation, belong to low altitude camping. It can resist rain, planning concerns focus on ventilation followed by resistance to weather, general lid for the ventilation net yarn, the underlying for nylon fabric, with no account, color light inside, won't make too much sun exposure the other people can't stand, not against strong winds, taking account only can resist rain outside. Refers to the non XueQi using curtains, it is differences from camp column, it can against the strong wind and a little bit of snow, the majority of the curtains have breathable waterproof nylon inside account with better outside account, account is a double door, a layer of gauze, internal moisture can give curtains, tent door is larger, the curtains are suitable for three days to one week's activity, it is best to forest or not too open camp ground. Curtains of raw material is hard, can support the snow and strong winds, two-door type in and out of the camp in the bad weather, the curtains planning considerations XueQi devices take put problem with account inside and outside space is enough to the problem of food, appropriate is suitable for the forest boundary under XueQi snowstorm. Waterproof cloth is a kind of appropriate is simple, less cost and pitched method, it's used in lowland forests or subalpine forest environment, for the heat release and wind or insect infestation protection ability is poor, plastic tarps is easy to establish, the four best punch convenient girdle cover, or use a small round stone encase tie string again, as for the camp pin to be able to find a small branch chong camp pin, the best scale is 9 x12 ruler is two people, if three people around 11 x14 ruler. On one: a: reliable tent what details are not to be ignored in the next article: next up: the rational use of tent actually what are the unique
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