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deadly chemistry band show review

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-27
On Saturday night, I saw Mark Shepherd\'s band in a bar called \"Deadly chemical songs. \"
He asked me to write a review of them and post it on my blog, so I\'m going to do that.
First of all, Mark lied to me.
When he asked me to go on Tuesday, I told him that I was too busy to watch his show and then I completely forgot.
He didn\'t bring it up again, and then on Saturday night he called me and told me they had a new indoor water park open in town and asked if I wanted to go, I said of course.
He thought I was busy, but I didn\'t, I had plans to cancel my trip to the indoor water park, although I didn\'t want to say what the plans were because they were private.
When I got on the bus, he told me that he was going to take me to the show of his band because he thought I liked it and he wanted my honest opinion.
I was very angry because he lied to me because I was wearing swimming trunks.
He said he would pay for my wine so I didn\'t complain.
When we got to that place, there was no alcohol and no charming woman there.
Mark apologized but told me he would buy me wine after the show.
I asked him to either take me to the water park or take me to a place where there are beautiful women and he said he would.
This place is almost empty because the place was shut down last month because of the presence of cockroaches.
I was standing behind because a man made fun of my swim trunks when I was near the front.
Marky\'s band is not what I like.
I don\'t remember the name of any song they played.
I didn\'t know Mark at first because he took off his glasses while playing.
If you have never seen Mark not wearing glasses, he looks strange, mainly because he has been squinting his eyes all the time.
He\'s not a good singer, but when I told him about it after the show, he told me that he didn\'t sing well on purpose and I don\'t remember.
He sang through a strange box that made his voice sound like a vacuum cleaner.
I told Mark that he thought it was good for some reason.
Mark took me to Taco Bell Avenue after the show.
It\'s good to pass.
This is my review of the band mark.
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