Bumper ball

daredevils build massive slip and slide on top of a canyon to propel themselves off cliff and into the valley below

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-24
Slides and slides are traditional staples for backyard barbecues and summer parties.
But a group of daring water
Soak the device at a new height.
A team led by YouTube star devinsupertramp set up a slide on a 500 high slide
The Financial Times is located in the southwest of the United States.
Individual members of the group had a run start before jumping on the slide and being forgotten.
But after free
In the fall, everyone releases the parachute and slides safely to the ground.
YouTube wrote on his page that he showed the \"world\" through my eyes \".
The video released in May was sponsored by Subaru.
It was later uploaded by GoPro this month.
This is not the first death of the \"Super Team\". High level of challenge.
On August 2014, the user uploaded a video in which his team traveled along a city subway in Panama City.
\"The Night Devil\" was photographed catching two lanyards connected to 800.
White tower skyscrapers.
Then, before letting go and falling to the terrible parachute jump, they fired themselves along zipline.
In November of the same year, members of the organization jumped out of the hot air balloon basket and turned to the second balloon while tied to the rope.
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