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150 km of the local slopes of Courchevel, including the slopes of ofLa Tania Courchevel, include 23 Green, 34 Blue, 32 red and 10 black.
Other major attractions in trovalis resort (
Merribell, les Menares and Val solens)
There are also about 150 km, providing a total of 600 km pistes-much more than anyone would like to cover in a month, not to mention a week.
The elevator system is also very good, there are a lot of fast cranes and cable cars, most of the slow chairs and drag can be avoided (
The Piste map helps distinguish between fast chairs and slow chairs).
The elevator is free for beginners, with at least one at each resort.
But for beginners, the two best villages are morninde (aka 1650)
And kurschweiler (1850)
, Both have a good long simple green run that allows learners to progress to a broad, gentle nursery slope.
For the middle part of all the criteria, it can be said that there is no better ski area in the bitroyce Valley, especially those who are eager to increase their mileage as much as possible.
About pistachios are blue or red, most of them are carefully dressed every night-a freshly dressed running list is displayed at the main lift station or the lift passage office, and available on Trois valles smartphone app.
The Courchevel Valley also has a local Piti, which was picked out most of the time as PITI doer-a good idea.
Most black runs are gentle unless they are left to form bumps.
The main exception is Grand Couloir, which can be checked by sitting on the right side of the Saulire cable car.
This is by far the largest and the only country with official status.
It is steep, but not extreme, and the most terrible thing is to pass along a narrow and bumpy ridge to reach it.
The main challenge for experts is to explore the field.
ESF Club in Piou
For children between the ages of three and five, Piou in Morio ran very well.
Some British cabin operators have their own nursery in Courchevel 1850-Esprit Ski, a family expert.
The Indiens blue run above Moriond has an Indian village that makes children more interesting.
The family Park above Courchevel 1850 is the main terrain park in the area, with lines suitable for different levels, with various jumps, rails, tables and obstacles, including airbag jumps at certain times.
There is also a fun boarder and a children\'s village run by ESF that offers five hectares of enclosed trails.
There are two smaller \"entertainment areas\" on moraudo: Snake Park has a boarder and the amusement park has a lot of bumps.
Wood park above the village (1550)
There are wooden railings and tables.
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