control electronic waste in india

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-25
Legislation that came into force in India this month aims to deal with the environmental impact of the country\'s electronic waste.
According to a government report, this waste logistics has increased more than five times over the past seven years and is expected to exceed 800,000 tons in 2012.
However, the new law does not prohibit the dumping of toxic electronic waste from overseas, which adds another 50,000 tons.
This is in violation of the Basel 1992 convention, which limits the disposal and cross-border movement of hazardous wastes, especially from developed countries to developing countries.
India, for example, should follow China\'s example and resolutely oppose the dumping of electronic waste by the EU and the United States.
It must, in accordance with the Basel Convention, strengthen the implementation of Article 1997 of the Supreme Court of India\'s total ban on the import and export of hazardous wastes.
In order to deal with electronic waste in India, the new law stipulates that manufacturers must follow strict collection and recycling procedures, including purchaseback system (see ).
These measures must be implemented quickly and then properly implemented by the National Pollution Department --control boards.
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