Construction tents in the choice of the points for attention

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Says to a lot of people think of tents in the travel or to survive in the wild are used only when, in fact is not the case, because in some construction engineering is commonly used for tents, tents for construction in to choose what are the considerations? A, engineering tents are appropriate, the size of the size is too big or too small will cause inconvenience in the process of using, once your selection is not reasonable, may affect the actual function of normal play. Second, tent tarpaulin is not as thick as possible, some consumer engineering tent when the choose and buy more emphasis on thickness, actually tarpaulin material is the most important engineering tent, tent a well-designed project is not easy to wear and tear, is also very easy to remove with a three to five years is not a problem. The ground of the three, some engineering tent will be equipped with cloth, the choose and buy when new project tent cloth must buy with the positioning hole of wear-resistant anti-corrosion. Four, now in the market there have been some cloth tents design of wear-resistant anti-corrosion, these MATS will be according to the shape of the actual rolling design of the engineering ground tarpaulin tent, the benefits of self-construal are more fit, but also has disadvantages, first is slightly higher production costs, followed by some engineering manufactured in a tent cloth not only can't be fit, on the contrary will also affect the overall effect, so be sure to buy normal manufacturer production of good quality engineering cloth tents. Five, after loading a new engineering tent cloth must try first. With the hand according to the surface of the cloth, tear cloth cloth and friction model, respectively, see if they have quality problem; Will then move fabric before and after the fold and deformation; And at the bottom of the fabric is easy to shift. Above these selection considerations about the construction of tent, I don't know how much you have learned? Actually these knowledge for people to work in the construction industry, this knowledge is help a lot, so everyone have a good look at and collection, maybe that day is using. A: a: on the simple way of building of relief tents? Next up: next up: the purpose of the inflatable tent, using method and maintenance matters
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