Construction tent you know what?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
In life we also know of the tent, but know more outdoor tents, construction tent also don't know? Then let small make up about some of the functions and features construction tents,,,,,, the structure of the construction of the tent? 1, tents, reasonable structure, the use of safe and reliable, can withstand a magnitude 8 wind load and 8 cm thick snow. 2, tents adopts steel structure, simple construction, exhibition convenient, about 20 minutes / 4 people can erect or roll-up. 3, tents, Cloth + steel frame, a total of 2) 0, the packing volume. 8 cubic meters, all the parts container, the cloth pattern neat, easy to be carried or remote human onboard short-distance transport. For army green is three big tents fabrics cloth, gable, fence fabrics for army green canvas ( Warm in winter and cool in summer) Use felt, lined with white cloth, work on the basis of military tents. Second, the characteristics of the construction of tent? 1 have the function of waterproof, mouldproof, tents, and have light, high tensile strength, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, easy wash fold, etc. Tent jingse during use should be avoided and the sharp metal implements the impact. Construction tent performance: 2, 3, 2, all kinds of tents have different purposes, as one of the main is to use on the site, the workers stay or small materials piled up, so the tent requirements to achieve prevent bask in, rain of basis functions. Any place may be due to the weather and appear the phenomenon of blowing, tent will also need to be able to absorb a certain amount of wind, blowing fell of and cannot happen. 3, the design of the frame structure of the general is the same, and robustness, the structure of the problem is not the only, the most main or the choice of materials, especially used for building the framework, if it is not strong, certain other aspects and no way to achieve relatively strong effect, thus inevitably have to choose the right frame. 4, frame in the wind, prevent the function such as tilt will be higher, on site environment was more complex, and therefore can not be sure no external some collision of the object, and if the collision will easily lead to deformation of the tent, naturally there is no way to meet the demand of the use of the site. All kinds of tents have different USES, tents are mainly used in construction site, then babies know the features and functions of the construction of tents, if the baby to understand the, the previous: the previous: construction of the tent installation next article: next up: the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable tent
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