Construction of tent should be how to choose and buy cotton curtain

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Used by each door curtain way each are not identical, such as the construction of the tent cotton curtain, it is mainly adopted in internal processing, and then sewn in the middle layer of fiber characteristics of grid, the outside is made by the material such as leather or canvas. So this cotton one door curtain and how to purchase? High quality durable cotton curtain on the outside is using good quality leather or canvas, this way can stop the loss of air conditioning and heating, and added a layer of densification in the middle of the civil cotton blanket, have heat preservation, sound insulation effect more. General manufacturers can choose canvas as cotton curtain material, because it is of good quality, prices are more affordable, but used by consumers to carefully distinguish between manufacturer if material is good quality canvas, can view the forming of cotton curtain cloth line of the number of shares for the standard, if the number of shares to prove the greater the density, the more the cotton door curtain of wind resistance and waterproof is better, use fixed number of year for longer, and the number of shares is relatively sparse door curtain is best not to buy anything. The above is the consumer when buying cotton curtain the matters for attention. Of course, because the door is not the same, so also can choose cotton curtain factory custom specifications of the size of the door curtain. After installed construction tent cotton curtain also needs careful service, can not time to scrub, such ability won't let the dust is full of cotton curtain, more can bring a more comfortable environment for people. On a story: a: Beijing bond 51 labor day camping tent tent camp next: next up: reception when the inflatable should pay attention to several issues
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