conserving water begins at home

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Although a slight drop of water from a faucet may be ignored for a period of time, because it seems to be just a small trouble, the fact is, in a few months, these drops can cause hundreds of gallons of waste water.
Such leaks have increased a lot, and thousands of gallons of water can be wasted.
This is why repairing leaking household faucets and valves is the first step that should be taken during the drought in Northeast China.
North New Jersey is currently the only area in New York\'s metropolitan area where water rationing is practiced, but Governor Keane announced a state drought emergency last week.
The governor\'s action was taken after a drought emergency was announced by the New Jersey west, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and New York\'s Catskill Regional Basin Committee.
On April 26, officials in New York City and Westchester County announced drought emergencies, limiting unnecessary water such as lawn watering and car washing.
With this in mind, both homeowners and apartment residents should know how to save water.
Leaking and dripping water from advertising faucets can almost always be worn out by replacing-
Ink cartridges in a washing machine or faucet-
Any simple housework doneit-
It\'s easy for your own people.
If the toilet is running continuously, the advertising toilet water tank will waste more water than the leaking faucet.
This usually happens because of the mechanism inside the tank (
Called the ball cock)
Do not turn off the water completely after filling the tank.
Water then flows into the bowl continuously through the overflow tube.
It\'s not hard to repair here.
In the home center, most hardware stores and all plumbing, replacement ball Cocks and repair kits with full instructions are widely availablesupply outlets.
In addition to repairing water leakage, the exposure machine should be installed on all faucets.
These simple devices help reduce water consumption.
Using an exposure machine, the amount of water and force is usually sufficient even if the tap valve is not turned on all the time.
Standard shower head should be replaced with new water
Mode of saving water
The reduction adapter should be added on the existing shower head.
The adapter is cheap and reduces the amount of water, sliding inside the threaded groove of the pipe fittings or shower head.
They limit enough water flow to save 25-35% of the water used normally.
The combined Edison company offers free adapters for its 2 units.
There are 7 million customers in New York City and Westchester County.
The adapter can be provided by mail at the company protection center on the first floor of the Chrysler Building and any of the 20 business offices in the Energy Action Center at 118-
29 Queen\'s Road near Union Toll Road in Forest Hill. Water-
Many hardware stores and homes also sell energy-efficient shower heads that replace existing shower headsand plumbing-supply outlets.
The most effective types are those built in. in shut-
Close the valve so that the water of the shower head itself is cut off (
Users do not have to readjust hot and cold water).
With such a shower head, the user can turn the water off while soaking, and then turn the water back on when flushing.
In most cases, this can reduce the amount of water used anywhere from 25 to 40%.
The toilet may be one of the biggest waste of water in an ordinary family or apartment.
The old toilet tank needs about 7 gallons of water per flush;
Even the most modern equipment uses five gallons.
In the advertisement of the old model, inserting an empty model can reduce consumption
There is a gallon plastic tank in the tank.
Cut off the top of the kettle, press it down with a few stones, and then place it along one side of the tank so that it does not interfere with the flushing mechanism.
When installed, the kettle will be filled with water;
After that, the amount of water needed to refill the tank will be reduced.
The flushing action should not be affected, because the water in the tank will rise to a normal height, and when the flushing rod of the toilet is pressed down, the pressure will remain the same.
However, some experiments may be needed to determine how much water can be reduced without affecting efficiency.
In northern New Jersey, it is recommended to flush only three times a day.
Even where there is no ration, it is possible to save water by limiting the amount of flushing water per day.
In addition to these measures, some other steps can be taken to help save water: * Do not let the water run continuously when washing your hands.
Instead, use a sink stopper or close the drain to hold a small amount of water at the bottom of the sink.
* Brushing your teeth has the same principle: dip the brush and rinse with a cup or glass.
* Do not use the washing machine when only part of the load;
Wait until you return in full capacity.
Depending on the age and efficiency of your model, each dress is washed and rinsed using 25 to 40 gallons of water.
* Wait until your dishwasher runs at full capacity.
Better yet, wash the dishes with your hands when you are short of water, with two pots or bowls --
One for soapy water and the other for cleaning rinse water.
The dishwasher uses 17 to 25 gallons of water as a load: the same amount of dishes can be washed by hand for about half of the water.
* Limit bath water-
Take a bath instead of a bath.
The average tub needs between 25 and 35 gallons of water.
A short shower with a built-in shower head
In the water saver and the valve that can close the flow of water, five to six gallons of water can be used.
Ad * put a bottle of water in the fridge to drink so you don\'t have to wait for the water to get the tap running when it gets cold.
When drinking water, fill the glass only half the time, or use a smaller glass or paper cup.
* Avoid refueling the children\'s inflatable swimming pool every day.
If the restrictions do not completely prevent their use, then cover the pool with a piece of plastic when not in use to keep it clean and minimize evaporation.
Same for full
Pool size: if you are in an area that can be filled with a pool, just once and use the pool cover to reduce evaporation.
Ensure that the circulating pool pump works the most efficiently.
* Keep clean rinse water and clean cooking water for planting and watering in the garden and yard.
Clean rinse water can also be used for street trees, window boxes and indoor plants.
* Do not use a hose to wash your car even if the restrictions have not been banned.
Instead, use a sponge and two barrels of water, a bucket of suds, and a bucket of water.
A version of this article appears on page C00001, national edition, May 23, 1985, with the title: save water from home.
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