Cold season inflatable tent should be how to use

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-11
Using field camp inflatable curtains to keep warm in winter is we always attaches great importance to the problem, today let's camp under steps for you to keep warm from the several aspects to start. On the inner warm trousers sleep, can make you as long as the morning wake up refreshed, appropriate zero out of the tent in the middle again warm trousers and outer layer charge of pants. In sleep, you can wear your outer clothing ( If do not have wet) Into the sleeping bag, and then take off in the sleeping bag, early in the morning, you just need to wear them again in the sleeping bag. Try not to let inside the sleeping bag and we have too much space between the body, because of the space, the more the body needs more calories; On the contrary, will want to wear clothes in the next day, not only reduce the body heat energy demand by has a warm clothes to wear in the morning. If in the special low temperature environment, sleeping bags and not heat source should be only to our body warm. It's ok to put some into the sleeping bag the spontaneous heat source of heat, so you can quickly sleeping bag become warm rise. Same, in boots can also use the tips. Don't take urinate into the sleeping bag and urinate in addition to expanding your bladder, and does not bring the warmth of the rating. So carefree to row away. But please set special convenient area. Sleep time don't face sat on a sleeping bag, because to do so as long as the result of a: make up of breathing moisture condensation in the sleeping bag and then drop on the heat preservation. In a cold environment don't all curtains to block, or caused by breathing moisture will unable to scatter and condensate on the inner wall of the curtains, snow and water. Skills to continue using inflatable curtains wild camping, some needs you to oh. Re shuidai himself set out to do a temporary, will be in the hot water into the kettle ( Pay attention to use can accept high temperature kettle) , kettle with socks wrapped up again, such not only can put it in the sleeping bag as a source of heat, can wake up the next morning with optimum temperature of the water to drink. If there is wind or snow during the camp from a fixed side has always been, to be able to use a large canvas in its fixed manufacturing side wind wall between the two tree, this can make the curtains to be more warm. If is still feel cold, will be able to test the two pieces of car use sunlight membrane stitched together, and then puts a sleeping bag, so that your body heat will be reflected directly to themselves. But demand note is must remember several holes on the reflective film, used for air permeability, wet sleeping bags to avoid moisture. On a story: a: discuss the advantage of military inflatable tent in the next article: next up: want to know the difference between PVC and PE inflatable tent fabric
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