'Cold period', water park's survival

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-21
Today, water park, are all the rage, but after build competition issues such as the viability of the test for the water park. This also brings to the industry thinking, fever subsided water park built and how to survive in a lot of water park and guarantee market position? In addition to guarantee the basic safety factors such as water, theme activities, festival marketing, project updates and transformation is the key of park visitors. Qiu dong operations make up & other; Window period & throughout; Popular hot in the summer, this is the advantage of the water park. Domestic online travel network platform based on big data released the 2016 summer play water report, according to the domestic each big play water class scenic spot tourist average daily volume continues to surge in the park, play the number rose more than 200%. Water park visitors the most time in the middle of July to mid-august, about 40 days time supporting the nearly a year of passenger flow. Different from popular hot summer, into the water park of qiu dong seems to have started his long & other; Hibernation & throughout; , so the water park will choose in a certain period of time in autumn winter season operation project, in order to fill the fall and winter & other; Window period & throughout; And increase revenue. Such as the Beijing water cube joy dreamy light section was introduced in this autumn, ice and snow festival in winter. Operating cycle short is a common problem of water park. Survey found that 80% of the current domestic water park are all outdoor type, and outdoor water park strong seasonality, operating mainly concentrated in the summer time, just a few short months operating cycle. In order to prolong operation time, part of the park to change program, which is based on interior minister, winter or other tourist service facilities, such as the combination of ease traffic in winter with less popular insufficiency, the problem of falling profits, there is also a part of the park into the winter garden maintenance, close to open next year. Water park to the uniqueness of the business cycle, prompted the present a variety of solutions in the face of the winter, also promoted the development of portable water park, Orlando is in such a market environment to security for first condition gradually mature. Operation problems in the 2009 - building boom During 2015, water park, usher in explosive growth. But after the outbreak of numerous park was brought to the market competition. Promulgated by the China association of amusement parks in China in 2015 water park development white paper also shows that in 2010, after the water park in our country has entered a rapid large-scale development, the current China's large and medium-sized water park, a total of about 240, among them, build operations accounted for more than 80% since 2010. And, according to incomplete statistics, at present plan preparation and more than 20 large and medium-sized water park. 2010 years ago, our country the construction of large and medium-sized water park area of nearly 6000 acres, and 2010 - In 2015, six years the data reached 3. More than 50000 acres, is construction area of more than five times before. According to the aquatic amusement industry sea mountain research, a think-tank, 3 - in the future 5 years in domestic market will face the plight of saturated water park. However, as the growth of the number, the domestic water park construction investment is more and more big, the layout is becoming more and more intensive. The analysis thinks, more and more water theme park blindly imitate other theme park scenic and cultural projects, operation mode, etc. , does not have its own unique, tourists cause certain aesthetic fatigue, lead to declining park revenue. This brings to the market competition pressure. Lower the threshold of water park, basic is the 1/3 of theme park land investment, the cost of mobile water park is more lower than the traditional water park, and short payback period. Now, one, two, three line city basic have be full of water park. But such situation also brings to the industry problems. Low threshold caused many industry into the bureau, but good brand is not outstanding. In the annual water park over-hyped, can appear even price war. Thus, how to stand out in so many competitors, attract consumer attention, occupy a certain market share, need & other; The water park & throughout; Active innovation subject, innovation, product innovation operation plan & hellip; … More measures to pull running water park for the existing water park, in addition to guarantee the basic safety factors such as water, theme activities, festival marketing, project updates and transformation is the key to ensure the park visitors. Have point out that the conventional water park will be at a disadvantage in the competition, even fail, this requires water park to innovation, in addition to a water park to interactive, narrative theme design, with hot spring water park, village, mountain, coastal and other forms of combination will be more and more attention. Several water park operations, construction, according to people in a shorter operating time is water park general pain. Experts point out that construction of a water park, water park after closed garden can do? Such as the lantern show these are can do. In addition, there are put forward to cooperate flower show, to build a go-kart track lantern show, or CS field transform is right choice. In fact, this is a lot of water park to choose way, this kind of transformation is relatively simple, the owner's investment is less, and can increase the content of amusement.
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