coast guard warning: don\'t take supermarket beach inflatables to the sea

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-02
The staff of the Irish Coast Guard issued an emergency warning on the use of 1 euro.
49 inflatable devices that may cause loss of life at sea.
Three adults had previously purchased supermarket boats and had to be rescued off the coast of codonigal.
Officials are concerned that children using inflatable devices may go into the water when the weather is good.
Coast Guard staff purchased an item that could be used in the swimming pool and on the beach.
\"These should never be used at sea or on open water,\" said Dara O\'Malley . \"
Daley, Marine Coast Guard.
\"People will worry that they will think that these things can be used, but they don\'t actually.
They may look good when people see packaging or supermarket ads, but they can be fatal.
\"We want people to go to the beach and enjoy the weather, but we want them to go home again later.
\"This year, we have dealt with a number of incidents related to the inflatable device that was going out to sea.
\"Thankfully, everyone on board was rescued, but the consequences could be fatal.
The kilopage Coast Guard was involved in the rescue of the crew on the small boat.
\"In one case, inflatable toys drifted to the sea two miles away, and neither of the passengers had life jackets,\" Mr O\'Malley Daley said . \".
\"We would urge people not to use these inflatable devices at all and anyone planning to go out to sea should carry a high frequency radio, mobile phone and life jacket with them.
\"Thankfully, these people were discovered by fishermen and they were rescued, and we would urge people to report immediately if they saw something that looked incorrect at sea.
\"Coast Guard officials are also concerned about the use of home equipment.
Craft after rescuing a man with a \"kayak\" near Cork company Ballycotton.
The dilapidated ship caused an alarm from staff on the south coast.
A Ballycotton lifeboat spokesman said: \"People who go out on this ship pose a threat to their lives and to the lives of rescuers . \".
Coast Guard and RNLI staff and volunteers also started a new program yesterday to distribute identification arm bands to children using National beaches. Mr O’Malley-
Daley explained that these are used to identify children who get lost on a crowded beach.
Last summer, there were several incidents in rosnoglach in kodonigal, and thousands of people in the car tried to leave the beach while the tide hit.
Many children are separated from parents who are afraid of being caught at sea.
A helicopter had to be dispatched urgently during the search.
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