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Mitchell forces, who searched women\'s private areas on the side of the highway, were suspended;
Cheerleading drama aired on December 20, 2012
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Host Mitchell: Texas policewoman searched the private parts of two women along the highway, a breaking news.
This happened as early as July.
The authorities finally took action this morning.
Is this probably related to the two women we broadcast live last night?
TLC brings you \"toddler and Tiaras\" and Honey Boo, and lets see this very intense world of cheerleaders.
This is a brand new show.
We will tell you.
What happens to these young stars in the spotlight?
One father said he was not a Grinch when he said there was no gift this Christmas and no material gift for his daughter.
We\'ll talk to him and tell you everything about the brand.
A new, growing, fast-growing movement.
He wants you to say no to the gift under the tree.
It\'s Thursday.
We will have another Rico Rescue. (
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Man: Hey, what\'s the matter?
They are all a little strange.
I doubt the driver more.
I was harassed.
I was violated.
I was humiliated.
Unidentified male: Angel Dobbs says she\'s 24 years old with her nieceyear-
Old Ashley Dobbs was violated when the lady soldier was still searching their two private areas on the side of the road in public view.
Angel Dobbs: I mean, at this point, I was totally shocked.
I can\'t even believe this will happen.
Turn me around.
Go to the front of my pants, to the inside of my thigh, and at this point she came over with two fingers, and I just looked at her and said, oh my God, I was just violated. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: In this story we brought you yesterday, we have some breaking news to tell you.
It really caught the attention of our audience yesterday.
The phone is pouring in.
They are now flocking because two women were pulled over the side of the Texas highway on suspicion of littering, and then made a shame when other drivers roared past.
Tonight is a huge new development.
One soldier was involved in this embarrassing search.
Female soldiers who searched the women in caves on the roadside have just been suspended. Good evening.
I`m Jane Velez-
Mitchell, live.
On July, an aunt and her niece, Angel and Ashley Dobbs, drove to Russia and was stopped by a Texas police officer who allegedly threw cigarette butts outside the window.
The police said he smelled marijuana. Listen. (
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Unidentified man: how much marijuana is in that car?
Don\'t lie to me.
I don\'t smoke marijuana.
Man: OK, how much marijuana is in that car?
No, I swear to God, I don\'t smoke marijuana.
I\'m not asking if you smoke.
Unidentified Woman: I don\'t think there is any marijuana in the car.
Man: OK.
When was the last time someone smoked marijuana in the car?
Woman: I don\'t know, to be honest.
It\'s my boyfriend\'s car.
So I borrowed it. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, in the end, the authorities didn\'t find any marijuana in that car.
The driver, Angel Dobbs, was given a field sobriety test and she passed the test.
Nevertheless, male mounted police reported to a female mounted police officer by radio.
Angel and her niece can\'t believe what will happen next.
Angel told us about her humiliation experience last night on this show. Listen. (
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Angel Dobbs: She said she would check my bra straps and shoot me in this area.
You mean my body?
I turned around and she turned around my bra strap.
She fell into my pants several times.
Then I turned around and went up to the inside of my thigh. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: both women sued the male and female state police and the Texas Department of Public Service Security.
We contacted the department but did not get a reply.
Anyone in that department is invited to our show at any time.
We want to be fair and we want to hear from all sides.
We have contacted many times.
We also want to talk to the soldiers involved.
They are always invited to our show and I would like to hear from you.
How do you like this? 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1877-586-7297.
To be more precise, it was counsel for Ashley and Angel Dobbs.
Thank you, sir, for joining us and leaving Dallas.
You were on our show last night.
The incident took place on July.
You \'ve caught the attention of the whole country now. Look, this female soldier was suddenly suspended. -
Please note that there is a salary.
Are you surprised?
I mean, the Fourth Amendment was mentioned in the statement announcing the suspension, which is a protective measure to prevent unreasonable searches and seizures.
Of course, when this incident occurred, the authorities were aware of the Fourth Amendment of July.
What do you think the soldier was suddenly suspended?
Little Charles sochiting
Attorney for Angel and Ashley Dobbs: Well, we\'re happy to see this happening, but it\'s clear that it\'s too little, too late.
We filed this complaint back in July.
We are not heard.
We don\'t believe it.
Angel Dobbs was not heard or believed.
The proceedings have now been filed and the state has focused its attention on the sector, and now they have taken action.
Whether there is any salary or not, this is the reaction of others.
But we are pleased that the state has taken some action on this point. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Listen to the men\'s and women\'s soldiers talking about his suspicions about the two women, he stopped for allegedly throwing cigarette butts, they had a few cigarette butts outside the window while driving.
Listen to this. (
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Man: Hey, what\'s the matter?
They are all a little strange.
Unidentified woman: Which one do you want me to start?
Man: The driver is the one I doubt. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Mike Brooks, HLN law enforcement analyst.
I\'m a huge fan of law enforcement.
Police and soldiers risk their lives every day.
Just in the last few days, we saw this heroism in Newtown, Connecticut, when there were first responders who obviously didn\'t know what they would find.
I\'m a huge fan of the police.
I like to be protected.
But we have to look at this event because there is a huge leap forward here. -
The women were stopped on suspicion of throwing cigarette butts outside the window.
By the way, they have never been fined.
They never wrote about it.
The next thing you know is that they are on the side of the road and the lady soldier is called in to do a cave search on the side of the highway with a latex glove for their private part and the car whizzes through.
Mike Brooks, HLN law enforcement analyst: Jane, it shouldn\'t happen at the end of the story.
I tell you, when her supervisor--
Or be the head of the state police, VPS (ph)
When they first saw this dash cam video
That\'s not what you did.
First of all, this is not the way you start doing cavity search.
You don\'t touch someone when you do a cavity search.
Then you will not do such a search on the side of the road.
If you\'re going to search like this, arrest someone, take them to the station, when you take them to the station, in a private room, away from the sight of others.
This is not the way you do cavity search. Period.
Don\'t touch anyone.
You let others manipulate yourself, you use a flashlight, that kind of thing.
But you don\'t penetrate anyone with your hands and numbers. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I have to say, I don\'t know if this is relevant, but the lady we had last night was the charming lady.
They are beautiful.
I don\'t know if this is a factor.
It seems that the men\'s soldiers are very interested and he is invited to our show at any time.
We have contacted the agency where he works and he has been invited.
But he seems to be interested in these women, where they are going and why they are going there.
Listen to him asking these women. (
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Man: where are you all going?
An unidentified woman: we are on a road trip to Homer.
Male: go to Russia?
Woman: Yes.
Man: OK.
What is the reason you have family there or go to thunder?
Woman: We\'re going to the casino.
Oh, casino. Okay. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: now, Lisa Bloom, legal analyst at ABO.
Com, the author of \"Shake\", this is about men and shake.
The interesting thing is.
The male cavalry was not suspended.
He made the whole thing work.
He called the Lady soldiers to do a cave search for the women.
It is true that now she has made a series of mistakes, including using the same glove on both women, doing it on the side of the road, etc.
But I want to know why the male cavalry was not suspended.
Lisa Bloom, author: Well, he should be, Jane.
As far as I\'m concerned, he\'s a colleague.
Conspiracy of sexual assault
I mean, if these facts are proven in court, the way we hear them now, it\'s an attack.
Let\'s call it what it is.
No reason at all
There is no possible reason to do such a search on the side of the road, at the station or anywhere else.
I would also add that this is a by-product of our unfortunate war against drugs.
It\'s all about the smell of marijuana in the car.
Things like this happen every day in America.
People\'s doors were broken.
Improper search
If we solve the potential problems, we will solve many problems. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, look, we are now at the time when marijuana has been legalized in several states.
This is something I feel very confused about.
First, according to the lawsuit, the soldier allegedly caught a cold.
This may weaken his ability to smell marijuana. I don`t know.
But it\'s marijuana.
He was not suspicious of the heroin in the car.
Maybe he is, but all he mentioned was marijuana.
Why would he doubt these women?
It all depends on what no one can confirm that he got a marijuana whip.
Well, there was no marijuana in the car.
If there is no marijuana in the car, what exactly does he smell?
We will continue our analysis on the other side. (
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Unidentified male: Is there anything hidden in your person?
Unidentified Woman: My man?
Unidentified male: Is there something similar in your person, in your shoes, in your underwear?
Woman: No.
Like I\'m being treated like a criminal now.
What\'s going on?
Unidentified male: I have a lady soldier on the road.
She will come here. We will check it again. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: It seems that this mounted police jumped to the underwear issue.
Why did he jump on his underwear instead of in his pocket?
Could this soldier have underwear in his brain? I don`t know.
We\'re just asking this question.
He was invited to answer the question.
Let\'s get the call.
Christine, North Carolina, your question or idea, Christine.
Yes, Jane, I love you and I like your show too. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Thank you.
Caller: I just want to tell you that I was found naked and the situation was embarrassing.
I don\'t care if it\'s behind closed doors or on the street, but it\'s aggressive.
This is very, very embarrassing.
You know, I had it when I was driving after drinking.
I\'m a junkie like you.
I have been cleaning for 16 years. VELEZ-
Congratulate you.
Caller: just--
Probably very--
You know, it\'s bad, it\'s even more embarrassing as a sexual abuse survivor. VELEZ-
Oh, my God, look, I\'m glad you\'re awake.
Thank you for calling to share your experience so--
Mike Brooks, this is the case.
I remember covering the Michael Jackson case for years.
Remember that infamous time when he was investigated?
They did search for his private part because one of his plaintiffs pointed out some of the marks that could identify if he was all made up, but they had to get a search warrant. BROOKS: Yep. VELEZ-
Mitchell: It\'s a big problem.
What is the law here? BROOKS: No.
1. In the case of Michael Jackson, they had to get a search warrant because they wanted to take pictures of identified marks.
You need a search warrant.
Now, if they want to search for these women, they will get a lady soldier like they do, but, Jane, it will be--
Basically like the search they did when you passed TSA.
Because you can feel it if they try to hide a lot of marijuana ---
You can hear it from outside, you can feel it.
But there\'s no reason--
There is no reason for the soldier, the lady soldier, to put his hand in front and behind the woman.
There is no reason for this.
Simple and clear.
It should not happen.
Again, she should be suspended when someone sees this video tape for the first time. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Let\'s get the call.
Darlene, Tennessee, your question or idea, Darlene.
Darlene, are you there?
Caller: Hi Jane. VELEZ-
Hey, how are you?
Caller: I just want to say that I don\'t think this is terrible for the lady.
I don\'t think they should suspend or dismiss those soldiers.
Because I believe they\'re a group. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Charles sochiting, you are a lawyer for these two women, have you investigated whether these soldiers have ever worked together, or have such a thing happened before they were involved?
SOECHTING: about the two soldiers, we are currently looking into everything and finding out everything we can find about them.
The information we receive from the state through the public information request act is very limited.
Now we\'re full.
The federal proceedings are over and we will have the opportunity to obtain discovery materials that the state has never produced before.
So we will find out what else. -
When they work together, what they do together, and the relationship between the two.
Another interesting point. -
We believe that there is more to the tape, video and audio than to the public for information.
Just because the video turned off the second soldier sitting in the car.
These systems usually take a few minutes longer than they stop.
So we believe there may be more information there, like
The incident record or statement between the two soldiers, we are very much looking forward to getting this information. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, the most attractive thing is the policewoman. -
She is also invited to our show at any time, or her representative or lawyer.
She doesn\'t seem to feel like she\'s doing anything wrong because she\'s standing in front of the dashboard camera.
It looks like she knows very well that she is in front of the dashboard camera.
She was the one who ended up being suspended, but the male soldier who let her in and brought her in, who brought these women down, who was not suspended
This is very interesting.
This is a fascinating story.
Stay there.
We`ve got more. (
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Angel Dobbs: I think these people need to be taken from the street.
And I think, you know, it\'s a huge misconception for a lot of people.
I have read a lot of comments about our case.
I want the public to know that I did call the sergeant that night when we had this situation.
I did not reply to me when Sergeant was on leave, nor did I reply--
The next day, I was angry when the initial shock disappeared.
I just crashed.
I can\'t believe what happened. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: It all started when the men apparently saw the women throwing cigarette butts out of the window while driving. (
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Unidentified male: You will all get a subpoena for throwing rubbish on the highway.
It\'s really not safe that they have to pick up the garbage.
They must do so on the highway.
Woman: I understand.
Man: If you\'re 10
I may use your help to search for a few women.
Female: 10-Where are you? (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Lisa Bloom, you get a quote from the time you throw the cigarette butts out of the window, but they obviously don\'t, and I need to search for a few women.
There\'s a leap there and it doesn\'t seem to make much sense to me anyway.
Now, simply explain in people\'s language why the Fourth Amendment-
The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.
You have to have some reason for what is called a private possibility. Explain that.
Bloom: That\'s right.
So this is the constitutional right of all of us in all 50 states.
There was no unreasonable search and seizure.
What does this mean?
This means there must be a possible reason for the police.
They must search you for good reason.
Now, when the police are doing something bad, like looking for false reasons, they say, I smell marijuana and I think I see something in the back seat.
They will use this as an excuse to do such a thing.
Those are bad guys.
Good guys, the police who do their job, that\'s most of them, and I\'ll add quickly, you know, there\'s a good reason for them.
You know, they will see something in the car, and someone will behave very strangely.
When you listen to that woman in that video, she sounds normal, doesn\'t she, Jane?
She doesn\'t sound like a stone.
So there\'s a big leap here.
There is a big disconnect.
To make matters worse, the sergeant didn\'t call her back and was on vacation, wow, I mean, what a mess they made for themselves. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes, now, Mike Brooks, the male mounted police, told the female mounted police that they were acting strangely, or something like that.
There is no real evidence that they are acting strange or intoxicated.
What should a citizen do if they are in this situation?
And, again, 99.
99% of the officers were heroic and put their lives on the front line.
But what should citizens do if something like this happens?
Oh, my God, okay, I\'m going to ask my lawyer, not to say I even have a lawyer, but to have a lawyer or something on the speed dial.
Brooks: call Lisa Bloom. You know.
But you know, I will, and you can ask if there\'s something you feel is going on ---
Since it will be on the tape, you can ask a supervisor to come to the site.
You can file a formal complaint anytime, anywhere.
If you think something is unusual. VELEZ-
Mitchell: ask questions or think quickly, Kim, Georgia. Kim, Georgia.
Caller: he loves you in South Georgia. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Thank you.
Caller: But I have a comment and a question.
OK, the comment is, how does this officer know that when she does a search, that woman has no sexually transmitted diseases, can she pass it on to another woman? (CROSSTALK)CALLER: --her glove. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Kim, you are asking a very important question here.
We will continue to follow the story. But yes.
The lawsuit claimed that the lady soldier searched two women using the same latex gloves and carried out a complete cavity search of the private parts of the two women. Enough said.
I think we can all do math on this.
This is a potential danger, a potential unsanitary and dangerous.
This is another problem here. Wow.
We will continue to do it.
We won\'t let it go.
We have a lot to tell you. Including --
OK, move in, dear Boo, there\'s a new kid in town. (
Business break)(
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Woman: good deal. VELEZ-
Mitchell: a brand
The new reality show on TLC \"cheers for perfection\" is sparking a lot of drama --rama.
Unidentified female: one, two.
Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two.
This is a hard team.
Why did you let Tara down?
Unidentified woman: she tried to bully everyone-(CROSSTALK)
Woman: Yes, you know.
You tried to intimidate everyone.
Ann, it\'s ridiculous.
Woman: Do you want to cheer?
Then you know what you\'re doing. ph). Start over. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: will the US see a brand tonight?
The new star stands out from the latest development of reality TV?
In other words, would anyone say move over, dear Boo, there\'s a new kid in town.
From the manufacturers of \"Dear Boo is coming\" and \"toddler and Tiaras\", TLC has introduced the latest guilty happy show, \"cheers for perfection \". \" Take a look. (
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She can yell at my baby. -
Unidentified woman: If you fall down again, I will replace you. (CROSSTALK)
Unidentified Woman: I don\'t see any problems living through your child. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: This brand
At a cheerleading studio in Arkansas, the new show is accompanied by colorful antics.
The tumbling mat is not the only place with serious drama.
The cheerleaders are not playing at all.
Listen to this from TLC. (
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Ann and Bonnie don\'t like each other.
They fight for everything.
You try to bully everyone and intimidate them. (CROSSTALK)
Woman: Yes, you think, you want to intimidate everyone.
Ann, it\'s ridiculous. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: does reality TV have a good impact on our children?
For example, does it inspire them to be the best cheerleaders?
Or does it show behavior that we don\'t want our children or parents to follow?
I want to hear from you. Call me. 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.
Go directly to Alexis Tereszcuk, entertainment editor at RadarOnline;
You \'ve been following this new show.
You talked specifically to some mothers about \"perfect cheers \".
We know there will be a star.
This new star is probably honey Boo-
Boo or Snooki in 2013, how will that star appear?
Alexis tereszcuk, entertainment editor at RADARONLINE: Well, what happened was that you fell in love with these little girls.
Whether they are shameless or brutal.
But you know what?
The star of the show may not be a little girl.
This may not be another honey Boo-Boo.
But it will be the mother of June, because the mother on the show is stealing the limelight of their children.
They are people who fight each other.
They are the bullies.
Bonnie\'s there. -
I had dinner with her.
She is absolutely not afraid of other moms going to town.
She said it had no effect on her daughter.
But I think she will be the breakout star of the show. VELEZ-
Mitchell: These little girls are not in their teens yet.
But their mother and coach worked very hard.
Look at this from TLC. (
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Unidentified Woman: I don\'t have to push my child.
Order your toes, Camilla. Come on.
Let\'s make a bridge.
Unidentified woman: mothers who come here like to win more than I do.
Unidentified woman: Come on, Arana, do it, do it.
You can, baby. Come on.
Unidentified woman: you are lucky to be able to join any team. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: We are delighted to see Melanie trap, the host of Falcon 360, on our show tonight;
She is also the mother of two children in Atlanta and a former NFL cheerleader.
So this is my problem.
Are they pushing these girls too hard?
Host \"Falcon 360\" Melanie trap: I think they are pushing them too hard.
I have absolutely healthy respect for competition and hard work to do the best.
But I don\'t think the drama that these parents are putting on is focused on their children.
This should be the case.
I think they\'re just taking away the experience that these kids should have the opportunity to experience.
Cheerleading and dancing are such an incredible part of my life, you know.
As you said, I have received college and professional training in the NFL.
I can\'t say much positive about the world.
I hate the fact that such a show puts it in such a negative situation because it\'s not all the time. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes, I don\'t know if this is going to have a negative impact on it. -
I mean, it seems like a negative light to you.
Some others may say that this is the truth.
This is a reality survey, you know.
There are real cheerleaders in real life who take cheerleaders very seriously.
Melanie, I don\'t know. Do you remember the case of Wanda Holloway?
She was found guilty of trying to hire the mother of the cheerleader who killed her daughter.
They made an HBO movie for it. (
Start Video Editing)
Do you know who I want to see die? Marla Hanes (ph).
Oh, yes.
Woman: What will you do?
Man: I know.
I\'ll put some explosives in her baton.
If she drops, bam.
Woman: It\'s not practical.
Man, what would you do? (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Lisa Bloom, it\'s a movie, but it\'s based on a reallife case.
Isn\'t cheerleading the whole idea of encouraging admirable values, teamwork, trust?
But sometimes it\'s truelife parents --
I\'m not talking about this show, it\'s just in real life.
Wanda Holloway tried to hire the mother of a cheerleader rival who killed her daughter by a killer.
I mean, they turn this into a zero-sum game where their child wins another child has to lose, or the parent has to lose, or the parent has to lose ---
I mean, this is beyond understanding.
Lisa Bloom, author of \"Shake\": Yes.
Listen, the cheerleaders are great.
Great dancing.
It\'s disgusting to say that living through your child is OK.
It is exploiting to put your child in reality shows and should not be allowed in my opinion.
TLC has been playing a rear-end game for a long time.
Now we see some of the worst female images on tlc TV, including this show ---
Mom yelling at their kids, yelling at each other, annoying, cats fighting. I`m sorry.
This is not a good example for women.
No one should look at this with their daughter. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, that\'s what I\'m talking about.
You and I are friends. I like to be dialectical with you.
I don\'t know it\'s all bad because at least the girl is the focus.
You know, we--(CROSSTALK)
Jane, are we so desperate about female role models? VELEZ-
Mitchell: Wait a minute.
It\'s usually about boys, right.
I mean, they made movies to attract boys to the cinema.
What about girls being attracted to the cinema?
At least it\'s girls.
Bloom: these are the worst images of girls and women. VELEZ-Mitchell: What?
Bloom: these are the worst images of girls and women.
I know there are many girls and women on TV.
Jane weisres.
Clever Mitchell fought for justice. VELEZ-
Mitchell: There\'s Lisa Bloom. He\'s smart. (CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: I don\'t know.
Melanie, you call it.
You know, you\'re a former NFL cheerleader.
You cheered the Atlanta Falcons for years, right?
Yes, five seasons. VELEZ-
Mitchell: It\'s hard.
It\'s a tough one--
Trap: It\'s definitely hard. VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok.
Tell me.
Trap: there is drama on stage.
But not so much--
This is not the case with all the gyms.
This gym was chosen by TLC because there was so much drama.
They could have chosen a gym where we could have put girls in focus, but that\'s a great way.
It\'s a healthy competition and they support each other.
I won\'t have my daughter in a studio or gym environment like this.
I will not replace life with my children.
Would I like my daughter to be a great dancer and a great cheerleader when she grows up?
Of course, because that\'s how I live.
But I wouldn\'t force her to do it for me if she didn\'t want.
It\'s about the children.
These parents and networks need to be aware of this.
It\'s more about the children. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I \'ve never been a cheerleader.
There is nothing more distant than my reality.
But I always find it fascinating.
One of my favorite movies is Universal Pictures.
Oh, so do I. I love it. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I love it. (
Video clip from \"open it)VELEZ-
Mitchell: I mean, look.
You can get there without doing anything.
Alexis Tereszcuk--
I mean, we\'re having a healthy debate about it.
It is a hard sport.
There are many rights in our country.
There, children who grow up in a comfortable environment sometimes feel that they can waltz into an environment where they are punished.
These moms are so strict with these kids and let them experience what real life will look like as they get older, is there any good aspect to this?
The problem is these kids, these moms work full time.
They have full-
Time to work, they are 100% for their children. They drive --
One of them drove three hours to the gym.
They try to make these girls live a better life by giving them a professional sport that they are good. VELEZ-
Mitchell: One thing I have to say, Lisa Bloom.
I think mothers need to exercise.
There are a few in good shape, but many of them live through their children.
Maybe they should start doing push ups instead of having their kids do sit upsups or sit-ups.
In the last sentence, Lisa.
This is a good idea.
I would say TLC should make a better judgment when choosing a reality show next time. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, Lisa, it\'s a sinful pleasure, and we do have this sinful pleasure.
Look Lisa, you should stick to it because on the other side of the break, close to Lisa\'s heart and my heart.
We\'re going to talk to someone who changed Christmas.
If you are tired of the same old, the same old, doing it year after year in the same way, we have a whole new idea for you.
Stay there for a second. (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: our incredible \"video of the day virus\"-
The wires from the NEAS affiliate KETV are flashing in the wind, where they are dealing with a huge winter storm. Look at that.
Looks like a biological invasion from outer space.
But it was a storm. Wow. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)VELEZ-
Mitchell: I don\'t know about you, but I\'m tired of buying gifts for all these activities.
I stopped.
Upcycle art, it is absorbing old things and making it new again.
Unidentified woman: you can now be a swapoholic if you are a shopaholic.
Does anyone want this? (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Oh, there\'s a bustling atmosphere all over the festival and it\'s easy to get caught up by gifts. Excuse me.
I have never sneezed in the air.
But this is one thing that happened.
Christmastime --
It\'s Cold Outside. We sneeze.
I mean we were attracted to gifts and parties, but one was determined to give his daughter a very important lesson.
What matters is not material.
The American wants his family back to what he thinks the holiday should look like.
Not material.
But spend time with the people you love.
That\'s why he said no to the gift, no to the memory.
This is an idea that is rapidly gaining popularity.
I personally like it.
Now with me is Greg Hanscomb, senior editor of Gries. org.
Greg, tell us why you\'re doing this.
What is your daughter\'s reaction?
Greg hanscom, senior editor of griece.
Well, you know, my wife and I have moved home three times in the last five years.
Every time we move, you know, you have to pack everything you have and ship it all over the country, the whole town. And you just --
You realize how much garbage you have accumulated in your life in a few years.
Especially children.
So this year we decided to start the best Christmas of all time, and I will have Christmas without buying gifts for my little daughter.
Girls, the girls were a little skeptical at first, but they actually started. I`m amazed. VELEZ-
Mitchell: You know, I did the same thing. I sent an e-
Email my relatives and say I love you so much you don\'t have to give me anything to prove you love me. I love you.
I hope you will understand that I will not give you anything.
The reason I do this is because I see more and more environmental damage and the vast majority of our over-consumption, causing all the plastic to appear in the stomach of the birds and all the climate changes that caused Hurricane Sandy to become worse than ever, and hurting Staten Island, the west coast of New Jersey, and Long people\'s Island.
I don\'t want to be one of them, Greg.
I want to be part of the solution. And most --
Greg, there\'s a good percentage between Thanksgiving and the new year, about 40% of what we overspend.
Yes, absolutely.
This is the number for you.
The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 100 million tons of garbage are produced by Americans.
Just for the holidays.
So it`s absurd.
A recent study at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that the country\'s three-quarter garage was littered with garbage and no space for cars. Ok. It`s just --
You know, it\'s reached the ridiculous level.
You will realize that this kind of thing is to live with two children.
You know, there are days when I need a broom, you know, a defender, I need to clean up the garbage in order to get through my house.
I know these gifts make a lot of sense.
We like the people who give them.
But at some point, you have to say, you know, enough.
Let\'s find more creative and meaningful ways to celebrate the festival. VELEZ-
Mitchell: of course.
Lisa Bloom, author of shake.
I think you will like the idea.
I know you like it.
In fact, I touched the bottom, like I touched the bottom on alcohol 18 years ago, and I touched the bottom on the gift.
Someone gave me a cake cutter in the shape of high heels.
I said, I will be finished by then. I am done.
I don\'t want to see any more of this nonsense in my apartment.
Also, I started thinking about what the poor children or young people who work 16 hours a day to assemble these things in some third world countries are. I just --I was done. I don`t know.
I touched the bottom and said no more.
Now you make me laugh, Jane.
Thank you for making this story.
This is really what we do in our family.
After that, children will get gifts and experience them.
Let\'s talk about alternatives.
My family, we went to volunteer together during the holidays.
Or we had a family trip together, we all had a great time, we were connected and spent a while. We play games.
We dance and sing like fools.
We take pictures.
These are our holiday memories.
Because let\'s face it, it makes more sense.
Most of us don\'t need these things.
We don\'t want these things.
We don\'t want it to pile up.
We don\'t want it to fill our garage.
Jane, pay tribute to you, sir, you did this ---
I think it\'s important. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I \'d like to show you some videos that you\'re looking at are upcycle art.
What we show you is a picture made of rubbish.
I really let my mom-
A gift I gave was my mom, she was 97 years old and I got something from the bins in New York City, believe it or not, I was assembling an ocean liner.
I\'ll show you when I\'m done. Ok. I promise you.
I will show you when I finish.
But Greg said the last thing. -
I said you could--
It\'s an exchange without a store where people exchange things they don\'t need.
In this way, you still have parties and you still exchange gifts.
But there is no additional consumption.
It saves money for people.
I mean, this is incredible.
I think you found the spirit of Christmas again.
Just your last thought.
Yes, I will say it at greys.
This year, we started working on creating the best holiday we could imagine and doing it by rewriting the rules.
We have a writer here. He won\'t. corporate.
She bought everything from local artisans.
We have a writer who is actually exchanging gifts with her family and it\'s all like this --it-yourself stuff.
Then I\'m doing things that don\'t have material gifts for Christmas.
Do you know;
We had a good time this holiday. And --
Like I think. -
I really think it will be a festival we all remember.
If we just take the traditional route and play according to the rules of others, we may get more. VELEZ-
Mitchell: there\'s another option. Just carol. Go caroling.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
I stopped singing now before I had trouble.
Great. Thank you.
We just want to open people\'s minds and give them the chance to choose, especially if you\'re struggling and struggling.
This is a good choice. And it`s fun.
On the other side, \"rescue of Puerto Rico \". (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)VELEZ-
Mitchell: It\'s time for Rico\'s rescue.
Right, Little Rico?
Let\'s save some lives, Rico? Rico. Rico. Hey, Rico. Rico. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: my little friend Rico came back to introduce me to his new friend Rocky.
This lovely Pomerania has experienced many conflicts in his short life.
Luckily, he was rescued, and like Little Rico here, Rocky needed a good home and a family to welcome him.
Directly to my dear friends and animal welfare expert Jane Garrison-
Tell us the secret turmoil in the life of this beautiful little guy.
Jane Garrison, animal welfare expert: He\'s beautiful.
He\'s a handsome guy.
His experience was really bad.
He was hit badly by a car and had a broken pelvis.
He broke his leg.
At Santa Rosa Animal Rescue Center in Ventura, California, they did not give him up.
They gave him thousands of dollars worth of surgery.
They fixed his pelvis and his legs.
Then he was treated for recovery.
He\'s a great puppy.
Now he wants a home. VELEZ-
Oh, my God. He\'s so beautiful.
He is very happy.
Garrison: he is. VELEZ-
Animals are characterized by their rebound.
You know, this little guy, I took him to the vet today and he got a chip so that if he got lost, God bless, he would be scanned and easily found.
This is what I recommend to you.
But he was scarred by the experience, but five minutes later he came back with his tail wagging and had a good time, as never happened.
If you would like to adopt Rocky, please contact the San Paula animal rescue center at 805-525-
8609 or send them an email via info @ SantaPaulaARC. org.
Now, we will put this information on your screen.
You can also go to my blog at hlnTV. Com/Jane, hlnTV.
Or go to my Facebook page.
It`s all there.
The problem is that since we started doing these \"Rescue in Puerto Rico\", Jane Garrison has accepted it.
Org saw more interest.
Let us know.
Garrison: Oh, yes.
After the show, they saw a 30% increase in the number of people looking for rescue dogs, which was great.
That means we\'re actually educating people that they know these rescue dogs are great.
You can go to AdoptaPet.
Com, search for a dog in your area.
But don\'t forget the little rocks here.
Of course, he wants to take a vacation at someone\'s house.
Please do not buy.
Don\'t go to the pet shop.
Pets are not gifts.
Going to a pet shop is not a gift for someone.
Go to the shelter.
Go to AdoptaPet.
And give a wonderful gift this year, the gift of life.
You\'re not giving gifts.
The best gift you can give is to save life.
Go to the shelter, save lives, and take one of these little cute ones home for a vacation. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes, and they are often so cute.
People just fell in love with them.
The dog we described last week, well, the man who was about to pick him up to the rescue center loved him on the journey and took him home.
So, we\'re really happy, Rico, we got adopted dogs and spread the word, people.
This festival, adopt, do not shop.
There are thousands of animals in the shelter.
We will talk more about this on the other side. (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: This festival is definitely adopted. Don\'t shop.
There are millions of animals, dogs and cats in shelters across the country, and you know, in the end many of them fall asleep.
Jane Garrison, simply tell us why sometimes people say oh, well, I really didn\'t go to the puppy factory.
They only have one litter.
This is usually a scam.
Garrison: That\'s right.
There are a lot of places that will convince you that you are actually saving an animal, and in fact they are a breeder.
If you want to rescue, you go to the shelter and you go to the rescue team.
Don\'t go to anyone who keeps dogs or cats in the backyard or pet shop.
Remember, between 4 million and 5 million animals are killed each year.
The solution starts with you.
Sterilize your animals to prevent more. (CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Let\'s look at that little guy again. Hold him up.
Again, you can go and adopt a pet or go to my Facebook page to find out all about this little guy. What a sweetie.
He needs a home.
We hope he gets one.
He wants a home. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Okay.
Happy holidays.
Next is Nancy.
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