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Before the show at Cape \'an community cinema, owner Robert Newton made a digital slide for Gloucester vintage postcards from his late grandfather\'s collection.
\"He\'s obsessed,\" Newton said . \"The 40-year-
In last July, the old movie fanatic opened his unique theater, and he might say the same thing to himself. As the one-
Behind a business he calls the mass Bay film project, he is the curator, floor manager, and on most nights he is the latest conductor on the north shore, the least traditional cinema
He even makes popcorn.
Gloucester cinema, his love of Labor, is on the second floor of St\'s Main Street building.
Peter\'s club on the mystery train record
Stuffed with the second one.
It is conceived as an out-of-home for film lovers with a high-definition digital projection system, a movie-critical bookshelf, and a DVD-borrowing library. Newton, a part-
Time commenters and previous videos
The owner proudly presents a eclectic mix of classics, documentaries, foreign films, European operas and twice in this oversized living room
A monthly music show series called Strange Tuesday.
It was not until he tipto was in the room with his toes and turned off the lights that went out.
On the first Sunday, an Oscar party will be held in the cinema (
Room seat 85)
There is no doubt that losers will be supported.
Instead of featuring George Clooney or Sandra Block, the film will celebrate the Academy Awards week with multiple screenings of animations and live broadcastsaction short-film nominees.
The theater\'s most remarkable success so far includes last year\'s Oscar --Foreign champion
Language Film \"leave\", Activist documentary \"Food Company\"
And Jane campien\'s historical romantic \"Bright Star\", which Newton recently re-staged for Valentine\'s Day.
To be sure, this is not the kind of theater that will soon show avatar.
However, this is the fantasy blockbuster of another generation, which made Newton hooked on movies from the beginning.
His childhood fascination with Star Wars led him to a high school job at an old video store in Hamilton (
He finally bought the store.
This in turn led to a brief attempt to write a script in Los Angeles.
In 2003, he ran video stores in Worcester and Auburn and sold them to competitors.
\"Movies are a perfect blend of so many art forms,\" Newton said . \"
Claiming to be \"the child of book mobilization\", he once recorded an album of novel songs in Dr.
National Joint radio program by Demento.
\"Everything is there --
Photography, design, music, writing, performance.
William Taylor, Gloucester, 68year-old “semi-
The retired antique dealer, who has become a frequent cinema visitor, said that Newton was reviving the heyday of the Academy of Art when film research was an intellectual pursuit.
\"In my 60 s, I was watching foreign movies in Brattle, Cambridge,\" Taylor said . \".
\"There are a large number of artists in Cape \'an who are interested in this cultural activity.
Now it is missing in this world.
\"On a recent Monday night, Newton showed a free show with rare old comics that were made known for ethnic insensitivity, war propaganda and other outdated political mistakes
Jumping in front of his small audience, he explained that in order to preserve, he showed the cartoons selected from his own personal collection.
\"Most people want these to disappear,\" he said \".
\"Now, we have a word from our sponsor,\" he continued. and-
White smoke advertising featuring fl stone. Why free?
A customer asked, he left his boots behind the door and padded them to the candy counter with strong feet.
\"We are confused enough,\" Newton joked . \"
He walked up to the stair platform, the stair platform and the theater lobby, sat in a chair and picked up a stray balloon left behind at a weekend birthday party.
The birthday boy and his friends ate pizza and watched peony.
There are about two Newton.
His third show comes from a service called the emerging picture network, which provides a large number of digital features for users like him who run independent cinemas.
In addition to the fact that its title is more in-depth than the first --
He likes the service because of its computer convenience and environmental awareness
Upload the distribution model. Traditional 35-
It takes time for millimeter-grade prints to be assembled and shipped, he said.
\"It\'s a very green choice.
Even if we get a movie through someone other than emerging markets, we insist on getting digital printing.
So there is no plastic.
\"Even chocolate bars are fair deals, and popcorn is organic.
Going green is an important part of Newton\'s blueprint, which he plans to provide to other independent theaters soon.
\"I hope this is about a responsible life,\" he said . \".
Most of the time, however, the film is his salon, a place where others are passionate about the film.
From his \"office\" on flowers\"
The print sofa facing the back corner, he will rent a room for a private party.
He will surely and perform on the road to a month-
Foot inflatable screen that can be set outdoors.
\"We want people to get together through movies,\" he said . \"
\"The community is actually our middle name.
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