classical review: nzso masterworks

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-23
The second master concert by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and even the new commissioned work by the local composer Salina Fisher, is connected in an apparent French style.
Tupaya of young New Zealanders looks forward to the inspiration of the Big Creek landlord navigator-
A veritable orchestral ocean can well evoke clusters of Pacific Islands and the stars above them, most notably when the alto flute rises above the universe that sounds like a bell.
Les Nuits d\'ete of Berlioz is one of the great romantic songs
Cycle and demanding work for singers and listeners.
The composer, who broke the tradition and master kororistt, did not provide a relaxed melody in the German style.
Some songs are scattered in texture and continuity and can be consistent through testing.
Mizo Sasha Cook of the United States is very delicate, capturing the subtle fusion of gotier\'s poetry and Berlioz music.
This is the most advanced art.
We did not hear the power and warmth of the sound nervously, coupled with the pure and flexible tone, shining a charming glow in its lower range.
Already in April, this must be one of the outstanding performances of the year of the concert.
After a while, Edo de Walte, who played a big role in the success of Berlioz, depicted an ocean in Debussy\'s La Mer
Austrian composer Hansen Essler wrote a short essay showing 14 ways to describe rain.
De Waart shows Debussy\'s seemingly infinite ingenuity in capturing every wave and Ripple, not just as its first movement might suggest, from dawn to noon.
De Waart lamented in the program brochure that too many people have never heard of Bolero in Ravel.
If so, the end must be Friesen\'s baptism of them.
This fascinating masterpiece of crazy rhythm obsession is certainly held in Sal around me.
Halfway, the dizzying long slide and slide suggest that Ravel\'s disastrous ending page could be a party to end all parties.
We were not disappointed.
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