christmas in the house that love built

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-26
The blessings that are sometimes given to you in your life are hidden after medical procedures and in-hospital treatment;
As a proud Starlight teenager, I know that I have been blessed many times, although the blessing may be disguised.
Children with chronic diseases must learn to take home to the hospital and make the most of their time with their families, especially before and after the holidays.
Starlight goes out of its way to cheer children like me for the holidays around the world, who get sick for a long time through their \"great escape\" program.
I like Christmas.
I love my family celebrating with curly wreaths around railings and Christmas Town, as do parks and horses --
Carriage under the fireplace. My 13-year-
I hang decorations and candy with my sister REIA.
Cane on the tree (
Of course, sneaked a few in our pockets and later gobbled up in our room).
We even have an inflatable gum on which we put Santa\'s hat.
When I was dug into the Star story by Forever 21 in December, I recalled that Christmas in last December was a little different.
On Christmas Eve, I pestered my transplant surgeon and the rest of my team of doctors, complaining and pleading with them to say that I am good enough to leave the hospital for Christmas.
I just got my second 12-
On December 1, 2011, an automated islet cell transplant was performed for the chronic pancreas for one hour.
I was 15 years old.
There is only one for most people.
I\'m a special case, you can say.
It\'s complicated, the doctor will say.
They don\'t do a transplant in many places, so my family went from Southern California to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We have been staying at Hotel Ronald Macdonald since the end of September (RMH).
My family is ready for my possible Christmas morning in the hospital.
They turned my room into a winter wonderland.
There are paper snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer. A plug-
In the air freshener, sparkling snowflakes fill the room with the sweetness of cranberry.
A mini tree about 2 feet tall, under the weight of the shiny blue and silver decorations hanging on the branches, strives to remain upright.
My family brought me Christmas.
They even went one step further and noticed that there was no holiday spirit in the room of the other patients.
Fortunately, with the help of my foundation, my sister and mom were able to buy enough Angels, socks, sparkling wreaths and snowmen for the whole hospital.
They put a table in the family resource room so patients can come over and pick what they like.
Even the nurse station was cheered by some festivals.
Later, walking along the corridor, it was interesting to see that almost every room was newly decorated and ready for Christmas.
I convinced my doctor to let me go.
Promise I will go straight to the emergency room if anything happens)
So the night before Christmas I walked out of the hospital door.
On Christmas Eve, all the families gathered at the RMH restaurant.
When Santa comes, the joy in the children\'s eyes is obvious.
They took their parents and jumped and shouted, \"Santa! Santa!
\"Santa Claus and his elves finally showed up, and as each family left with a huge, bulging gift, watching them feel warm, this bag of gifts easily has 3 feet
My cousin and uncle went to Minnesota to spend Christmas with us, and that was the day.
It was difficult for all of us to leave home so long, but seeing them again made us very happy.
REIA was also ready for my return home.
She decorated our room with red ribbons and cuts, and there was a pile of neatly packed gifts on the dresser.
I can see that she works hard to make sure that this Christmas is not less than Christmas in our house.
That night everyone went to sleep and dreamed of the next morning.
Finally, it\'s Christmas morning!
My sister and cousins had to wait an entire hour to open the gift, because the feeding tube that stretched out from my stomach needed attention, and there was a bunch of drugs to take.
This is very different from what we do at home.
But in my opinion, if I didn\'t get sick, didn\'t get a transplant, didn\'t travel to Minnesota, I wouldn\'t be in this comfortable room with my favorite cousins and uncles, stunning views of the ground and the newly fallen snow on the treetops.
The inside and outside of the house looks like it belongs to the Arctic, thanks to the dedicated army of volunteers and staff who make sure all the families there, and it will be a \"home away from home \".
\"Each family member turns to open the gifts given to us by RMH staff and donors, and\" oohing \"and\" aahing \"each other\'s gifts \".
Looks like we\'re all on the \"good\" list this year!
There were even gifts from Ruia, decorations and pins she made with her hands, which I can\'t believe.
We went downstairs for breakfast later and a church group was serving hot waffles, French toast, hot chocolate, fresh cookies and cold cream milk.
All the families are enjoying the food, and the children have eaten the minimum amount of food they can escape before running to show off their new toys.
They laughed and screamed, chasing each other in the house.
Every family here has a story.
Some are heartbreaking and some exciting.
We also have stories.
I know that many of these families will take the shuttle bus to the hospital after breakfast because not everyone is as lucky as I am to leave the hospital for Christmas.
But everything that happens to us is for a reason.
We met family members from all over the world and built a lifelong friendship.
Together we share the tears of sorrow and the tears of joy.
If I can learn one thing from these families, there is always hope.
Every child in the hospital and their family are determined and never before.
The end of hope, faith, and power.
My battle for pain and medical complications is far from over, but I know my fight is far from their difficulties.
However, they have the power to move on, accept everything life brings to them, and still rejoice in the small things.
For some families, their children lost the battle.
This often happens.
But through their losses, these families can help others face what may happen in the future.
Christmas is different in 2011.
I may not have a tree or a candy stick or my inflatable gum, but I\'m not going to change my Ronald McDonald\'s house to the whole world for Christmas.
It was the best Christmas ever for me.
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