choosing the right bounce houses for your inflatable business

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-29
One of the most easily overlooked aspects of launching the inflatable rental business is choosing the right inflatable product.
The correct classification is very important for your business to survive.
Keep in mind that you only make money when your rental fleet is rented, so you need to focus on items that attract the masses.
At this point, it is appropriate to review the types of inflatable products available for purchase.
All inflatable equipment for the inflatable rental business is required for commercial use.
The main categories of inflation are: Obviously, as a start-up or any business, you have a budget that needs to be followed.
Since the budget is unique to the individual business, I will not discuss this anymore.
Instead, I will guide you through the priority process of adding the inflator.
Since your goal is to rent your unit as much as possible, you need to choose the most popular unit.
In our experience, the bounce house has the most rent, followed by combination units, water slides and slides, inflatable games, and then obstacle classes.
Depending on your budget and the number of units you want to start with, you will decide what type of units you want.
Another factor is your position.
For example, if you\'re in Texas, the water slide weighs a lot more than the rent you live in Wisconsin.
Having said that, I will use two examples, one for three units and one for five units.
These two types of three Unit companies will provide you with flexible services.
Remember that when you first start, you will never meet everyone\'s needs.
Your goal is to survive and grow to the point where more units can be added.
Now that we have solved the problem, the subject you should choose is equally important.
Like your classification choices, you need to attract the public.
Traditional themes such as castles, entertainment venues, sports, Disney and Mickey Mouse-themed inflatable toys have a much higher rent than pink castles, Lions and birthday cake inflatable toys.
While all inflatable toys are for rent, we only care about buying the widest range of rental units when you start your business.
Once you feel the need to add additional inflators, you will know exactly what to add based on the customer\'s requirements and the shortage of your own rental fleet.
Just because I suggest you stay away from specific units that are more niche from the start does not mean that you need to do so once you are ready to expand.
The inflatable rental business can be a very successful business.
Instead of making emotional decisions, you need to treat it as a business.
All the decisions you make, not just the items you purchase, need to take into account the business.
Good luck, Happy Ticket jump!
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