Choose to build military tents position exactly what are the requirements

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-11
With the warm climate, with several friends military curtains to play outside a day later, rest is important, so how was built before the curtains pick camp? Select drainage outstanding local, as far as possible to prevent water trace or local water phenomenon. This can choose a local shelter, around to check method and terrain to judging the growth of plant. If discover the branches and leaves of trees tend to one side, or terrain ridge local, there must be a strong wind blowing. As far as possible choose level off, have a sun, together and close to the water. Of course also want to consider to the outstanding elements. Camp by the river and mountain gully campsite when meeting the water cascade rise or flash floods the downward is very risk, and therefore to pick the local terrain is relatively high. As far as possible to avoid cliffs or possible sandy soil loss of slope, prevent rockslides or mud slides. Encountered thunderstorm day in the mountains, and not in outstanding local set up camp rock, also to avoid isolated huge trees. Mountainside plain simple collection of moisture, the spur to water often for animals the way of drinking water. So when choosing the camp to avoid these areas. On a story: a: why must flow hotel is carried out using inflatable tent next article: next up: strict quality control of military tents have been recognized by people
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