Choose relief tents, what skills?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
We often see in a disaster zone relief tents, tents as a substitute for the disaster area people's temporary accommodation, also used for disaster relief command, treatment after a disaster or materials reserves, especially for the victims can rain, bring warmth to the victims, in general, this kind of disaster relief tents are generally government procurement or a enthusiasts. Quality is also very important for the relief tent so that in choosing a disaster relief tents, what skills do you have in, today small make up will give you details of the said. First of all, according to the need to choose the size of the disaster relief tents, relief tents on the market the size of the three mx4m mx4m and 4, 4 mx5m, 4 mx6m, 4 mx10m mx8m, 4, 5 mx6m, 5 mx8m, 5 mx10m, select the appropriate articles for daily use on the inside is not crowded, it is very comfortable to live. ( Living in different size change, such as 3 mx4m habitable 3 & ndash; 4) Moreover according to the weather season for purchasing, such as buy tents in cold winter, can add cotton for tents, so it has warm effect, people live in feeling is not the same; As to want to use the time for a long time, need to find good quality when buy, so the tent use material is critical. Likewise relief tent is composed of two core, tarpaulins break, will not be able to cope with changeable weather, the bent frame can't support, so the tarpaulin wear-resisting degree better, the wall of the framework to achieve a certain thickness, to avoid all sorts of problems. In addition to the above two points, tent design is also very important; Must have good tent should both sides have the screen ( Ensure that ventilation function) , easy build roll-up is also very convenient, To save time) 。 Above is from the dimensions of the disaster relief tents, and different season needs, and the choice of materials, and design several aspects about purchasing relief tents skills summary. A: a: on how to buy good quality tents? Next article: next up: take you insight into what is relief tent
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