Choose life jacket when should pay attention to

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-11
Life jacket is in when we were in danger for the thing of our life, should not only allows us to float on the surface of the water, more eye-catching color to attract the attention of rescue workers, how should we choose and buy jacket? 1. Life vest should try to choose the more bright colors such as red, yellow, because once the wearer falling overboard, can let the rescuers are easier to find you. 2. There should be a lifesaving whistle on survival vest, to let them to call for help. 3. In order to easily find them in the sea, life jackets fabric color is compared commonly bright colors, and in the life jacket two shoulder with reflection board, should be paid attention to when the choose and buy. We also produce inflatable toys, toy company, let the children in the shower inflatable pool to you in the home also can enjoy the treatment of the swimming pool, quick to choose and buy our products.
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