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China Skiing Air Cushion Project

We Powerful Toys are very honored for the cooperation with the world’s ski champion (Zhang Yiwei) in November 2015. That is a great recognition for us!



Ski Airbag allow skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels to enjoy the feeling of jumping in the air. Our products offer more seasonal activities for your ski resort and offer unique activities to ensure your resort adds fun and customer experience.


Mr. Zhang Yiwei is the World Cup season championship and action creator who creates the world's highest difficulty for Single board U pool. He has participated in national competitions, Asian Winter Games, World Cup competitions and has achieved good results.


With Mr. Zhang yiwei in the Powerful Toys factory



In November 2015, we launched our first cooperation. Mr. Zhang Yiwei purchased a Ski Airbag for his ski training center, size 15x15x3m (49.2’x49.2’x9.8’).


3D design




Feedback photos

Powerful Toys airbag has been approved by the world’s champion. What are you waiting for?

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