Children's park management how to change

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
Nowadays children's park has become a leisure way of life, health and expanding in the consumer market. The children's park, once been a favourite of the investors. At present, the indoor children's paradise, the prospect of has no need to say more. At present, investors into indoor adventure playground sector is growing, some new condition, the industry is not deep understanding, think as long as find a good place indoor children's park, and then buy a better set of equipment, can put the project is very good, but, finally ended up.> inflatable castles, inflatable trampoline, large inflatable toys, inflatable toys, inflatable slide children accounted for the proportion of consumption in the whole society more and more high, accounting for the proportion of total household consumption is more and more parents to the child into never & other; Stingy & throughout; 。 This year, China's children's consumption share of household spending continues to grow. Children didn't seem to create value, thanks to the parents, grandparents and maternal grandparents this six pockets & other Economic aid & throughout; Is quietly pulled the economic development of the society as a whole. Parents are too busy to work or running a business, less time at home with children, based on & other; Compensation for mental & throughout; Parents for their children's consumption particularly generous. On the other hand, parents often want to make up for the regret, because of his childhood often projected onto the child, to can meet the requirements of children, to give them a happy childhood. Children's consumption has become a new hot spot. How interior adventure playground pursuing new and change? Do any business, thinking is one of the most important, want to make indoor children's paradise, thinking and transposition thinking must have a change. First, take the initiative to change, change the mind-set. How to keep up with The Times, guide or cater to the needs of the consumers, change thinking is particularly important. Change is not blindly & other; Change & throughout; , we can keep good things, but in some places we can do better, more innovative, such as children's amusement facilities, more thoughtful service measures, more effective way of promotion, such as better management pattern, the accumulation of every little bit advantage, can let oneself become more powerful. Second, the perspective-taking, transposition we indoor children's paradise is a service industry, how to do service, attract more customers to consume, is we have to think about. Transposition thinking can help us do better the service, if you are a customer, you hope their children get what kind of experience? Come to indoor children's park, you want what kind of service? All to the needs of users, it is not wrong. Recommended reading: children's inflatable slide industry knowledge popularization
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