Children's inflatable toy investment and benefit analysis

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
Children's inflatable toy investment and benefit analysis in recent years, the large scale development of inflatable toys in China also drive a batch of new user know about this aspect of the join, and most of the new user to this project is not quite understand, happy child today about the inflatable castle investment and benefits for everyone to look at the two aspects: the investment, will be subject to April 16, 2014 in time, Because with the different times, different workers cost, the cost of raw materials) , for the moment, the whole market, ordinary inflatable castle is 40 - 90 normal toys, probably in 140 - the average price distribution Between 160 and do a lot of talking, of course, 135 yuan a square, 200 a square not much said, we are only at regular price for investment analysis object, most of which is selected by the user. A square with the lowest price 140 yuan, 40 square need 5600 yuan, 77 square, 10780. 8400 yuan, 60 square meters across different logistics costs an average of 200 yuan. But as competition increases, style comparison, project increases, more than 80% in the past two years were chosen by the customer, more than 100 products, on the basis of the big slide, that is, 120, 144, give priority to large inflatable slide and comprehensive slide, climbing into a large inflatable toys, and such products as a result of thickening material, the price is in 160 - 200 between, also is given priority to with 170 per square, in a conventional 120 square calculation, namely will need about 20400 yuan ($twenty thousand). Plus the cost of logistics and all kinds of less than one thousand yuan. Comprehensive down is now a mainstream castle, need 20000 yuan, and without competition, 60 and 77 square is enough to use, inadequate investment of 10000 yuan. Benefits: now know about customers, mostly closed price at 5 yuan - at a time $10 to $5 and $10 more, to play a 5 yuan shall prevail, to the most remote village that I cognitive computing, 100 children can play a day on average, only 18 at night 20 to 50 or more people to play, income is 500 yuan a day, eight hours from 12 to 20 points to remember, to maximize the power needed for 120, two fan 1500 w, 12000 w is 12 degrees, to use every yuan to 12 yuan per degree, with 2 yuan and less than 25 yuan, is the net income of 480 yuan, plus Saturday and Sunday holiday, soaring, month income 15000 yuan, also is a serious effort to do it less than a month will pay the cost. Calculated separately, on an average day 25, up to a total of 26 days net income 100 yuan, plus two days on line 8 days Sunday, Sunday on Saturday, typically more than twice as high as more than usual, in terms of 50 people, 8 days day to earn 200 yuan a total of 1600 yuan, plus 2600 yuan, that is to say, in the worst case can recover the cost of two months. As to what number, suggest you go to neighborhood or park, more than is the most conservative to calculate price, if the charges 10 yuan, according to the number of parks or comprehensive recreational area as an example, the number will not only benefit more than doubled.
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