Children's inflatable castle use safety considerations

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Children's inflatable castle is designed according to children's characteristics, through scientific combination of three-dimensional form a set of function such as recreation, sport, educational, fitness for a new generation of young children's activity center. It is a new and comprehensive strong children's paradise. Like the use of the large toy must pay attention to safety, for everybody below summarize the use of inflatable castle security considerations. The use of inflatable castle security note 1. Inflatable castle facilities is only for 3 & ndash; 12 years old children use; 2. Entering the inflatable castle facilities do not take sharp objects, avoid scratches in the process of game body; 3. In use process, the guardian should remind children not to crowded shoved inside facilities, avoid injury accident; 4. Facilities of purse Seine only protection, prohibited to climb; 5. Regularly check the internal parts of the facilities, to see whether there is a screw loose security hidden danger, if unable to solve the problems, please refer to the installation unit repair service. In addition, the daily maintenance of inflatable castle also is very important, we're about to learn. Inflatable castle maintenance notice: 1. Inflatable castle facilities is only for indoor use, avoid sun; 2. Please take off your shoes before you enter the facility, and do not take sharp objects; 3. Weekly available soft brush and neutral detergent to thoroughly clean facilities; 4. Inflatable castle Seine pulling on is prohibited.
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