Children's inflatable castle clean

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Inflatable toys for us is very common, traders holding balloons in the park, the summer pool swimming ring, inflatable sofa, children's inflatable castles and so on, can say has deeply penetrated into our daily life. As we all know, children's castle belongs to large inflatable toys, can accept many children to have fun together at the same time, the immune system of children was weak, so if the inflatable castle for a long time is not clear, so different children come and go play, bacterial growth is easy to harm the child's body, so must be clean problem. Children's inflatable castle clean one. Can use detergent to clean toys surface material such as detergent, and at the same time use the soft towel, don't want to hard brush, so as to avoid damage to toys. 2. If you don't use long, dry make sure toys, placed in a cool and dry place. 3. If used outdoors get wet by rain, must open the toy, the use of fan will internal moisture dry mouth, and hang to dry 4. After each use of inflatable castle, after cleaning, dry, and then to a certain disinfection work, can buy a good disinfectant spray on the acute antivirus. This is about children inflatable castle clean, health is very important for a child's body, so above the toys of the children often use must to do a good job of cleaning. We are inflatable toy manufacturer, if you need the inflatable pool or other more inflatable toys, welcome to contact us.
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