Children's amusement equipment such as inflatable trampoline business matters needing attention

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-12
You see other people made money investment in children's amusement equipment, follow each other, but business children's amusement equipment, we all need to do? Keep learning some knowledge about the amusement equipment to better create to make profits for our amusement park, children's playground equipment when is the season of the year? First of all, it is essential to marketing knowledge, we can according to the market forecast and investigation, consumer psychology, characteristics and features, pricing and strategy, product sales channels and means of knowledge, knowledge aspects of marketing management and work out the corresponding activities and all aspects of related transaction. Once again, for the product itself, we also want to know something about. Such as product characteristics, the use of the note, repair and maintenance methods. All items on the built-in, quality identification and so on all have & other; More & throughout; Understanding. Used in aspects of management process in different situations. To do a good job of maintenance and repair products, regular inspection machine equipment to ensure that children under the condition of the play will not safety problem can pave the way for the sustainable development of our amusement park. Managing children's amusement equipment, we have to understand some of the relevant laws and regulations, such as what amusement equipment is not allowed, of which is prohibited by national laws and regulations, and then, in the economic law, labor law and social security and health, fire control and so on many children paradise place, also want to read related information to ensure that the children's playground safety and security issues. When opening in amusement places, of course, also have many knowledge to learn, such as opening request, health requirements, fire control requirements, and so on. Where individual applying for registration, to handle tax matters are involved in the normal commercial activities often want to know. Knowledge on this said to borrow from other place, there are the following: 1, the private sector and the partnership enterprise, co. , LTD. , the laws and regulations of 2, how capital verification 3, how to apply for registration of opening 4, 5, which industries which industries do not allow the private business related industry management formalities shall be 6 and 7 of the tax registration, tax return what are the rules and procedures of 8, 9 how to purchase and use of invoices, bank settlement provisions relating to the account opening procedures and 10, what conditions become the general taxpayer has 11, which you should hand in taxes, 12, how to get to know how to pay tax reduction treatment shall be exempted 13, 14, how to manage the billing ticket state sanctions against tax evasion and other violations. What measures 15, 16 value-added tax and duty method, the administrative department for industry and commerce. Everyone in children's amusement equipment management is how to charge of? Fees for different regional difference is also different, in some places, 30, 50, 25. In the same city also have different prices. It depends on you in areas such as the external conditions. Plus card for month, year and so on without a fixed value; According to the local consumption level, also can refer to the same industry standard of order price you have to do activities, such as opening, holidays, any relevant countermeasures to improve the business cold? Open free demo, holiday can be launched on card, card, playing card class activities several times to send several times. If the business cold is due to the geographical position, will do propaganda, such as network, leaflets. If just off-season can do more to attract children's activities or more interesting toys, can introduce some new amusement equipment can attract children on a regular basis. From we look around the park, the peak season time is May Day, children, and then two months of summer vacation, there are eleven, winter holiday, this a few time is the most flourishing business park, at ordinary times is the weekend. So look, opened the May Day is a good choice. Children's amusement equipment in general is no slack season, except for the children to school time had almost no difference. The holiday is the best season.
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