Children's amusement equipment design security to do experiments repeatedly

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
Children's amusement equipment design security to repeated experiment children amusement park is a place where children are yearning, in all kinds of amusement equipment for the children brought a lot of joy. With older children, parents play to relax some project, such as the pirate ship, huaguo mountain rafting, surging ahead, etc. For children under the age of seven, parents will choose for its mild amusement park project, such as the merry-go-round, slides, trampoline, etc. Amusement equipment such as inflatable trampoline at home long impression is the safety of children's recreational facilities, but it is these seemingly safe amusement equipment in parents eyes are in constant hurt your child. According to the investigative reporter learned that, at present the country has not yet been playgroups should be brought into the scope of safety and health supervision, that is to say, these playgroups to safety and health condition is operator, there is no relevant departments to regulation, which creates a children's playground safety and health, the children in the children's playground injury happened frequently. In view of the status quo, remind parents try not to take the children to the safety and health unqualified playgroups, in order to prevent children from unnecessary damage.
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