Children like inflatable toys should be how it is safe to use?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
Many parents should feel inflatable toy is one of the safer products, such products in our life is to see the comparison of many, in fact this is not correct! Because in our life often can see some problems about the inflatable toy! So if parents give children to buy inflatable toys when there are a lot of place is need to pay attention! Listen to the inflatable toy manufacturer and you say! Inflatable toys use note 1, playing field edge don't jump out, lest out ground accident. 2, don't eat any food inside the venue, in order to avoid the bounce card throat, food into the nasal cavity and so unexpected. 3, large inflatable amusement facilities suitable for 3 ~ 12 years old children, parents need to be under the age of 8 under the escort of play. 4, please do not bring any sharp objects of hard materials such as metals entering the compound, so as not to hurt themselves or others. 5, when the children too much, don't let the other kids in again, avoid inflatable toy truck load, in order to prolong the service life of inflatable toys. These points are to should pay attention to the time a child playing with inflatable toys, emporium now or more will have such a relatively large inflatable toys, large toys to note that the same is true for small note! Children were small, after all, there is no safe consciousness, but not the same as adult, should pay attention to their children's safety and security problems, if there is a need to purchase inflatable toys, inflatable pool, inflatable tumbler, inflatable toy manufacturer of phone calls!
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