Children in the use of inflatable pool when parents should pay attention to matters

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
As people living standard rise, summer heat, with a baby out water is not very safe, so mothers like to buy inflatable pool to bathe the baby to play, which meet the new children want to play with water, and at a side to look after their children, ensure the safety of children. While at home is safer than outdoors, but for the use of inflatable pool or to pay attention to oh, so in the process of using inflatable pool adult yao should pay attention to what issues? Below we inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you. Inflatable pool using note 1. Your not more than 80%, because the seam gas indoor air and it needs to have a buffer process, as far as possible and then we are charging 12 hours after use. 2. Choose a piece of solid ground, to clear the ground clutter; Aeration time should pay attention to the leveling of the ground, be careful not to overly sharp things. Inflatable things will have a natural gas leak, it is very normal, as long as the timing of the fill the air. 3. Take out the pool and accessories, pay attention to children's inflatable swimming pool can't fill too full bilge, avoid air leakage; 4. Check the drain valve to ensure its solid plug tight; 5. About 80% of the filling water content in the swimming pool, avoid excessive water; 6. To receive a store need to pay attention to dry and clean, avoid containing metal stents rust. 7. With soap and water in cleaning the baby swimming pool, and can not use a hair dryer or washing machine, also do not use chemicals or abrasive powder, otherwise it will corrosion inflatable baby pool material, thin brittle. Above is the use of inflatable pool several points for attention, the parents must pay attention to oh. We sell inflatable toys, inflatable toys manufacturers, inflatable pool, welcome to inquire.
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