Children grow up to take her to play more inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
Static son, today you have been born 2338 days. Slight heat, today the fog boundless, the hot weather, even sitting next to the electric fan blowing and sweat. Indicates this kind of weather it will rain tomorrow, hope the next heavy rain. You don't have to go to class today, let's to clean the room. You pick up your book, is mainly responsible for inflatable trampoline little girl has learned to receive something, neat room, do things more organized. In addition, their own things to do. · · · · · · So of the day working gas really very uncomfortable, in a short time clothes was wet to the skin. Let the fan have been blowing there, but we feel the slightest cool and refreshing. Let's the room temperature reached 33 degrees. It is too hot. But you don't have to shout hot, more not the mood, still do the work. Until I say you just said you also hot. It's nice to be your endurance. Pick up in the process of found your kindergarten teaching AIDS of the hair, in a yellow bag. Mother hastened to show it to you, call you play. You say: & other; Teacher don't let play, part ii of the, in the second half of learning. ” Part ii? Graduated now, in the second half had already passed, the teacher how to coax you so? You can play. You have opened it. Cannot play, however, a lot of things were missing from it. Three-dimensional geometry, clock and watch model, a rubik's cube, frisbee and bulb, all have no. What you said is taken away by the teacher. Take away? Why is that? The teacher taught you? “ No, the teacher never taught. ” This AIDS but parents spend money to buy, teacher why didn't teach you? Why take away again? Why do you trick? Oh, I see, saddam hussein and zheng teacher about your child just can be used as a toy. Be afraid you found, so cheat don't play with you. Your teacher will really & other Local materials & throughout; Ah! Took all the good. Shameless. In the evening, you want to go to play square. When you get there you will be attracted by inflatable trampoline, inflatable trampoline don't want to go to play. Then just go ahead. A lot of people are playing, you have a companion. Also met yang-yang Chen and Qiu Yuanchen, you are more happy. Mom I sat waiting for you outside. A play is more than an hour. Come out to play hungry. TouTouDe'll sweating all over, and his clothes wet. So hot day, also so hard up, don't you tired? Really that fun? Kids are kids, the most hard to do is to play, the play had a cut.
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