children\'s activities in north carolina mountains

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Find a place where water flows up.
Pretending to be a stable family on the North Carolina border.
Slide on mother nature\'s playground.
Kids will find these activities and more in the mountains of North Carolina.
According to the governor\'s office of North Carolina, North Carolina is the sixth most visited state in the country, and many tourists in the state travel to the natural beauty of the North Carolina mountains.
Have you ever seen the Uphill rolling ball?
You can be in Mysterious Mountain. -
A place where you can replicate optical illusions and experiments on your own.
When the children perform their hands, it inspires their imagination.
Try to find out the secret of mysterious mountain.
According to the site of the attraction, in the mysterious house, the ball and other objects roll north because of the strong magnetic pull, not down.
In the mysterious Hall, children can leave their shadow on the wall, witness the \"mirror of flight\" and so on.
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Imagine it as a \"small house on the Prairie\" in the North Carolina mountains \".
The Hickory Homestead Museum provides an opportunity for children to see what life was like before their mobile phones and ipod.
They can visit the chalet and talk to reenactors during the period.
Learn how to rotate the line or do corn-husk doll.
Try making candles or cooking with your hands on the fireplace.
Hickory Ridge is located on the grounds of a theater where a Revolutionary War drama, the horn of the West, is staged.
295 Boone, NC 28607-Hickory Ridge home Museum0295828-264-
2120 horninthewest. com/museum.
HtmLinville Cave is the ultimate kid to explore.
They dive in the only cave in North Carolina.
They will see unique stalactites and stalactites with names like fish, bones and road signs --
If so, it is most likely that they will only see things in the photos.
An experienced guide leads visitors through the cave while explaining the history of the cave and pointing out various features.
You can even see bats or other caves.
Living creatures
The temperature in the cave is cool, so you need a sweater or sweatshirt even in the summer.
221 North Marion, NC 28752800-419-
0540 linvillecaverns.
When you have sliding rocks in the Glass Rock area of Pisgah State Forest, who needs a water park? The 60-foot-
The long rock water slide throws you into the cool mountain pool.
In the hot weather, children can compete with each other on the waterslide, splash flowers in the river, or dance under the waterfall so that they can cool down.
The Pisgah Wildlife Education Center offers an interactive exhibition where children can touch fur, pets or do a natural commentary --
Related activities. .
475Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 (Forest service road in the hope Glass Rock area)828)877-4423ncnatural.
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