Chengdu inflatable toy factory tell use points

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-29
Inflatable toy in use process should pay attention to what aspects? Operations are more secure? 1. When using do not inflate too full, do not close to the heat source and contact with sharp objects, so as to avoid product was damaged. Inflatable household products: sofa, chair and mattress, who did not indicate the weight bearing, bearing do not more than 150 kilograms. Inflatable pool types: not too inflated, not more than 80% water. Inflatable boats classes: please follow the instructions operation, to inflate, in accordance with the order. Aeration tank factory, is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, mainly produces PVC inflatable toys, bags, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming ring, inflatable ball, inflatable sofa, inflatable plastic products such as 'daruma', especially in the large inflatable water toys as the main product. Source: inflatable toys, inflatable pool, inflatable toy manufacturers
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