check out the cutest android you’ll see all day

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-29
I love the Google Android mascot.
This little green guy is very cute and I would love to get some Android toys that Google people buy from the company store.
Now there\'s an inflatable RC Android around Google HQ, and I\'m even more jealous. Pocket-
Lint obtained a new toy from Bladez toy company, which has an inflatable Android mascot on its wheels controlled by the RC steering wheel.
In addition to DJ Roomba, this is the most awesome thing ever.
I would love to have my house drive around, but unfortunately only Google employees can use it.
Google\'s new friend will be 65 cm tall and can move around.
He can rotate 360 degrees when he needs to turn.
This tank control may mean that he will fall down from time to time.
Don\'t worry, he will stand up right away when Android is knocked down.
Here are some videos showing what my final goal of jealousy is over the next few months.
The good news is that if these little guys are welcomed by Google employees, Google may offer them to consumers in the future.
I think we all know what that means-we have to ask Google to buy these people a lot.
Of course, it\'s its own.
Because I may be the only one who wants to relive his childhood with RC inflatable Android, but you can\'t blame someone for trying.
If you have to open your bot and can\'t wait for a potential sale of Android RC buddy, Bladez Toys is also working on an amazing R2-
D2 units of the same variety.
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