Chat later with north north to go to the movies to play toys inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
As someone who hasn't been sure whether come back Chinese New Year, so has been no plan back to shandong, unexpectedly Lao zhao suddenly back years ago for a few days, but temporary plan everywhere I go is one more ticket, finally decided to stay in Beijing for the holiday. Grandma also in Beijing this year, the younger brother from suzhou to Beijing together, is really rare a tenant. Watching movies on the first day, the new moon: reunion * undergraduate students have not yet seen around for many years, while in Beijing, but since has been no see you have kids, as everyone don't go home this Spring Festival, a rare opportunity to have a get-together in Beijing. With the north north met uncle aunt and baby brother, and go out to eat fung, needless to say, without preamble, students feel really comfortable! To get-together with north north after going to the movies, go to a place not far away from the party, but to see, the people queuing to buy tickets, inflatable castles look suspended within 2 hours, immediately decided to go to a cinema. Near to the metro cinema, people here a little, but the movie tickets before 8 o 'clock there's already if see only a part, this is what circumstance? On the first day is not to see a movie, looks like the Spring Festival in Beijing was not a bit cold and cheerless! North north Africa to see & other; Dad go & throughout; , then see, buy the last two tickets, around each one in the first row, this Angle almost have to cervical spondylosis, but listen to the whole theatre children happy laughter feels also value! Second day: reunion * * villeggiatura floor see annual lunar calendar and high school students about the drama to take their children go out to play together, classmates home child's one year younger than north north, two people met once in childhood, but have no impression, the children enjoy a little big, is happy to play. Wanted to go to two boys, car museum, but did not open the door, township temporary decided to go to the floor, after can go to eat chicken. Then connected the classmates to drive, a little stuck on the road, I didn't know that New Year's day on the road is still so many people. In after the kid to play two times, winter villeggiatura floor is obvious cold and cheerless, no large areas of farmland and the bustling crowd, but this is what all need not line up, the benefits of play along while picking strawberries, eat a meal to go home.
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