cerney house, rendcomb, cotswolds: cottage review

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Located in a long driveway, this tranquil house is in a happy country location, perfect for large groups and offers far
A beautiful valley can be seen.
There are many facilities in the hotel, from the swimming pool to the tennis court, to the grand piano in the living room, all of which have a separate bathroom in the five bedrooms.
Great selection of supermarkets, family attractions and fine dining bars, and easy access.
Located about a mile north of the beautiful village of Rendcomb, Springfield house is perfect for your world, with amazing views from the terrace of the pool.
If you can tear yourself off, there\'s a lot to do in a fairly easy range: There\'s about 10-
Minutes by car;
Water sports in Cotswold Water Park are located about 14 miles south;
Family attractions in bultonon-the-
The water is about half an hour north.
Country house Cotswold meets Villa Provence.
Until recently, this huge stone property was still a family home with French furniture and accessories from the owners.
He now lives in a cottage next door and can be advised at any time, but on top of that, he keeps a thoughtful distance.
Brochures and marketing pictures make the place look very chic, but it\'s better than this: in some places the decor fades a little, and this is the house where you can really relax.
There is also a lot of space to relax and there is a lot of space for 10 people in the House to do their own thing.
There is a huge kitchen downstairs, comfortable sun room, dining room and large living room.
The five bedrooms upstairs have an ensuite bathroom.
One drawback shared by children or singles is that the bed is doubles and will not be divided into twins.
There is a swimming pool, a tennis court and a garden on several acres.
The indoor facilities are equally impressive, with a large piano in the living room and ample equipment in the kitchen.
Perhaps the real memorial, however, is wildlife.
This is a magical place with deer, moose and a group of owls in the garden.
A House of 2,100 in the off-season;
Up to 3,600. Free Wi-
With first-class facilities and spacious space, Springfield Hotel is an ideal choice for a big family or two families to spend their holidays together.
Parents of children must observe carefully around the swimming pool.
High chairs and travel beds are available.
Store milk and basic food in Rendcomb\'s store;
Travel to witrose or Tesco in Cirencester to learn more about the needs.
Dining out options include Bathurst weapons in northurney and crown of Frampton Mansel.
Cirencester GL9 7 HD near Rendcomb (
01227 464958 through Mulberry Cottage; www.
Moonbury Lodge. com)
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