canada air force in libya: bombing campaign could wear on cf-18s, staff warned

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-27
According to the newly released documents, the Air Force is quite concerned about the impact of the Libyan bombing on the Canadian CF fleet last year. 18 fighter planesMore aging
Calling on role fighters to execute the un-sanctioned no-
The flight zone that eventually led to the ouster of dictator Gaddafi.
Shortly after arriving at the front base in trepani, Italy, on March 2011, the Canadian contingent found itself performing six tasks per day --
Far exceeded expectations of Air Force planners.
The briefing noted that two months after the end of the campaign, intense internal debate broke out about increasing the number of aircraft from 7 to 9, prompting military planners to warn 77 aircraft of wear and tearjet fleet.
A former senior air force commander said the notes highlight how the country\'s small air force is strained under the weight of its mission.
Retired lieutenant.
Former Vice President General George McDonald
The chief of defense staff said the briefing put a new focus on getting alternative plans on track.
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