calls for tougher safety rules to protect children at \'lax\' trampoline parks as the number of ambulance call outs soars to nearly 1,200 in a year

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-30
Trampoline park may face supervision after serious injuries to children.
Last year, there were nearly 1,200 ambulance accidents in the British park, and the victims may have suffered more serious injuries than playing trampoline at home.
Doctors called for stricter management of the park, from three in 2014 to 200 today.
They warn that the boom has led to a rapid increase in the number of children treated for fractures in hospitals.
An audit at Sheffield Children\'s Hospital found that patients were more likely to break their bones if they were injured in the park than at home.
Within six months, nearly 200 patients were treated in hospital for trampoline injuries.
About 70 people were injured in the park, but 44 of them were broken, while only 36 were injured on the trampoline at home.
Dr Catherine Rimer, a pediatric emergency medical consultant, said many centers did not follow the basic rules in terms of safety.
She told the BBC that many trampoline parks seem to be everywhere and are neither regulated nor subject to basic safety precautions.
\"I think the bigger Park is much better, but I know anyone can open the trampoline park in any big open space and they are parents who need to be particularly careful.
The British International Trampoline Park Association launched a voluntary safety code in August (IATP)
British standards and the Royal Association for accident prevention.
This sets minimum standards for design, construction and operation, but only about 80 parks are members.
Peter Brown, chairman of iatp uk, said he welcomed the government\'s increased regulation.
We would like to see health and safety supervisors enforce these voluntary standards so that improvements are notified or closed if the place does not comply, he said.
\"About 20 million people came in from the door and did an hour of exercise, so it must be good for health.
In addition to the trampoline, many centers have foam pits or inflatable devices.
They have visitors sign a waiver to make sure they are not responsible for any harm.
However, the increase in accidents has led to a surge in the number of customers taking legal action against the park.
In last January, 19-year-old dental nurse Lucy Jones became the fourth person to have a serious accident in Flip Out Chester, which is not a member of IATP.
Four months after she left the house with a back injury, she was suing.
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