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Bring happiness to children's toys, children's inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
This time before dinner, usually weekend should be niece xiao Yang and the little boy in the neighborhood when to play in the village square in front of the children's inflatable trampoline, xiao Yang today, however, a person unhappy stay at home, is not willing to go out, even the usual favorite 'bears' animated films also don't see. As my aunt, deep trust and liking of little niece, usually loves to put himself in the kindergarten a few small secret to share with me, she won't tell her mom and dad. See little niece mood not beautiful, I stepped forward to ask, but this little niece has turned his head to the side, what all don't tell me. It makes me more curious, then ask her why not go out to play trampoline, but still ignore me. At an early age, really stubborn temper. To let little niece happy forever, and I will make a phone call to her kindergarten teacher, it is Friday noon that day, they play large inflatable trampoline for children in school, xiao Yang and clearly in order to compete for only one can ride on the trampoline in a rabbit model of above chance, unexpectedly came to blows, finally the teacher took them apart. The two little guys, from Friday noon to now it has been a who also ignore who. In order to solve the contradiction between them, and I give details clearly make a phone call to his mother said, let him play with yao came to square inflatable trampoline. Here, under my conditions for luring, little niece finally agreed to go out with me. Front of the children's inflatable trampoline came to the village square, see so many children play in the crazy, little niece can't stand the temptation, finally spread my hand quickly ran into their children's happiness heaven and earth, the unhappy face also swept away. At the moment when his mother also early with Ming to play. After playing for nearly an hour, two little guys should hand in hand together out of inflatable trampoline above, and said and laughed again, this help a child!
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