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breaking the cycle

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-12
Regarding the possible release of many Arab terrorists for an Israeli soldier, a lot of ink has been left.
The personal suffering of the captive, and the suffering of his family after a few hours, must be truly unbearable.
Other than that, however, the release of terrorists will only lead to more Jewish bloodshed, which is almost certain.
Unfortunately, there is a bad record of the authenticity of this statement.
In addition, the massive release of terrorists may reduce the motivation of soldiers to continue to be in a dangerous situation in order to capture them in the event that other terrorists consider their efforts to be in vain.
As a result, successive Israeli leaders have fallen intentionally or inadvertentlylose situation.
The prisoner and his family continued to suffer and refused to trade.
Countless others will be killed when an agreement is reached.
The question that needs to be asked is \"how does this happen?
\"More specifically, how successive Israeli leaders have sustained such adverse losses over the years --lose policy?
What led to this incompetence and inaction of almost every Israeli leader?
First, inaction is often due to a lack of clear goals and vision.
Without a clear goal, a person will usually wander around and pass through life without a real life.
The real potential will not be achieved, and often attempts to achieve meaningful goals will be avoided.
As far as recent Israeli leaders are concerned, their goals in dealing with the hostages are very clear.
Unlike their counterparts many years ago, they have a clear policy known to all parties in the region to refuse to deal with hostages at all costs, today\'s leaders rarely take a firm stand on this issue.
Over the past 20 years, the red lines they have declared have changed with the weather, and one downcast has quickly followed in the footsteps of another downcast.
Not surprisingly, without clear goals, they tend to be paralyzed by inaction when dealing with hostages.
Therefore, Israel\'s inaction is not to send out a confident air, but to send a very credible message to the enemy that if he carries out the kidnapping, he will be severely and overwhelmingly punished, surrender and empty threats will only stir up the appetite of the enemy.
Moreover, even in the rare case of rapid Israeli response, the second Lebanese war in 2006, was problematic from the beginning.
The opposite is true, not based on a clear plan and clear, achievable goals.
In fact, this is one of the main criticisms of the Winograd Committee that was formed after the war.
The commission found that some declared war targets were not clear and could not be achieved, and criticized the Olmert government for misrepresenting and changing them many times.
The situation is obviously complicated, but it is clear to all that there are serious flaws in our current approach.
Therefore, it is incredible to continue such a failure. lose policy.
To convince the enemy that if there is a kidnapping, it will fail in a very large way and something has to be changed.
First of all, one soldier should not be allowed to be imprisoned for many years.
It is immoral to extend the suffering of him and his family.
In order to end quickly, action needs to be swift and overwhelming no matter what may happen.
This is by far the most ethical behavior in very difficult circumstances.
It also sends a clear message to our own soldiers who put themselves in danger every day to protect us, if there is a kidnapping, when our leaders seek help from European mediators, they will not be left in a small cell.
Moreover, the current policy of releasing a large number of terrorists must end.
Based on more than 20 years of experience, there is overwhelming evidence that such release will always result in more people being killed.
That being the case, it is irresponsible to continue to do so.
If adopted by the political leadership these two changes will be the best way to prevent future kidnapping, eventually sending a clear message to the enemy that it has no benefit if it decides to implement the kidnapping, there are only a lot of losses.
In addition, such a policy will eventually allow us to break the current losses. lose cycle.
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