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bounce away your wobbly bits! how hitting the trampoline burns more calories than jogging (and is a lot more fun)

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-30
As I soar through the air again and again, I can hear a nasty woman screaming at the top of her voice, and I wonder if anyone can tell her to be quiet.
Realize that I need a minute or two for that nasty screaming woman.
I screamed excitedly (
There\'s a hint of horror)
When I try new trends in popular sportstrampolining.
Yes, the last Entertainment that most of us enjoy in childhood has become the latest way to stay healthy.
That\'s why I\'m at JumpGiants in Essex, the latest of the six trampoline parks across the country, at my pace --
Or rather, a rebound.
Coach will osbré.
After 35 years of exercise, I decided to work out.
But jogging is a boring thing, swimming is so tedious, wet hair and sticky dressing room makes me want to try something different.
Also, with two kids, not in good health, my joints will crunch, my ankles will get weak, and my knees will make crack crackles.
The impact cardio, and even the bus running, made me want to go for a cup of tea and the nearest armchair.
But I was told the trampoline didn\'t hurt.
At least not like jogging.
It will drain your energy and cheer you up, but it won\'t make you flinch or make faces because you\'re afraid of the remaining cartilage.
Research shows that in ten minutes of trampoline exercise, you consume the same amount of heat as jogging for half a minutean-hour.
Using a trampoline instead of bumping up and down on concrete can reduce the impact on the limbs by 80-
It also makes them stronger.
That\'s why trampoline park is so popular.
The trampoline, which opened last month, was 16,000 square meters, neatly installed side by side.
There is also a \"ramp trampoline\" that can help you with all kinds of gymnastics, as well as a trampoline volleyball court.
The fitness class starts with the highest jump I can on the trampoline.
More terrible than I thought-
I really don\'t know what my legs or arms are doing.
I don\'t know. You have to be with me.
Jump on the trampoline.
But it made me nervous.
Next, as we stretch out our arms, we jump from side to side.
I was surprised how hard the outside of my thigh was, \"saddle \".
Then we will press-
Use ups and tricep drops on the side of the trampoline.
But the real killer is to jump high, press your knee under your chin, put your arm around your knee at the same time, and land.
These rounds, I understand why the trampoline is so effective.
This is much harder than I thought.
There is a disgusting feeling of \"I can\'t go\" while jogging, but in trampoline sports, if you are tired, you can simply change the way you bounce --
From top to bottom, from one side to the other
This helps to fight fatigue and play a role in different parts of the body.
You can also rest by not jumping high or doing so much, but at the same time you can also walk around and build up your physique.
Coach Will explained that when he doesn\'t teach, the professional falls wrest hands, even if it\'s just walking on the trampoline, it\'s just a little exercise of his own.
\"Do any action on the trampoline and you\'re working on all your core muscles --
Almost all the muscles on your torso.
Since the trampoline is an unstable surface, you use these muscles to balance, not to fall.
But because it\'s elastic and soft, it\'s good for your joints. And it’s fun —
Everyone is laughing!
\"It\'s not just will.
Nasa conducted a study in 1980 to study the benefits of using \"rebounder\"or mini-trampoline —
Strengthen exercise.
Astronauts at the space agency had muscle atrophy when they returned a few months after zero gravity, which caused them to have problems.
This is due to the fact that astronauts do not encounter any resistance in space, and when the muscles have nothing to do, they begin to disintegrate.
Nasa uses mini-
Trampoline, returning astronauts can improve the effectiveness of exercise without damaging their now weaker muscles.
The same study found that typical jogging can put a lot of pressure on the ankle while at a mini run
The trampoline sees a uniform distribution of pressure between the ankle, back and forehead (
Three places in G-
Measured force).
If your ankle is a little weak due to years of deficiency, this is good news
Use like mine, or you \'ve been floating in zero gravity for months.
Although these new park trampoline are not rebounds, they are small and create a high tension due to providing resistance, the principle is the same: you will get more rewards for rebounding. The U. S.
He is the leader in the world\'s best fitness trends.
While there are six trampoline parks, there are six stores in the country\'s largest chain, SkyZone, in Ohio alone.
It is also very popular in Australia and you will find lessons for \"seniors\" as the benefits of trampoline are well known for those with less strong joints.
Trampoline is not just a good workout, it\'s also gentle for your joints
Both body and mind are free.
I have two young children,
Katie, four, Sam, two.
I don\'t have that much time myself.
So I can see the appeal of flying on a trampoline for an hour or so instead of running on a treadmill or spin class (
Exercise on a static bike in the gym).
There is also a unique sense of childlike interest.
Responsibility is great for young children, so letting go and being stupid is often abandoned.
Bouncing on a trampoline is the most childish thing I \'ve done over the years.
It feels great. Others agree.
Angus Marsh, 44year-
An old HR consultant with a daughter has taken a course in a company operation called SpringFit over the past six months.
\"I don\'t feel well on my knee, so I\'ll never think about running,\" she said . \"
\"I have done swimming, but the trampoline is not so lonely and gentle in the joints.
It doesn\'t feel like exercise-more like fun.
It was the only hour of my week so it was a good timestresser.
It also helped her lose six pounds.
Turn it off.
\"I am in good overall condition, although my starting point is low,\" she said . \"
\"I feel more positive, too.
This made me more confident and proud of my progress.
Fiona Cosgrave, 32, and her 56-year-old mother, Rose, took a gravity fitness course in Surrey cambury.
Fiona said I was overweight after having children.
I want to lose it.
I tried running but that wasn\'t for me so I wanted to try the trampoline.
\"Since September, I have been there a lot and have lost 2 st.
I like it very much.
Fiona\'s mother is also thin.
I often take fitness classes because I am one of them.
Time nannies, she says, must keep up with the children.
\"I also have asthma, and exercise is important to improve lung capacity.
But I don\'t find trampoline a chore.
Very interesting and effective-
I have lost 2st and I have seen my strength and health and improved asthma. ’Where the U. S.
Go, the UK usually follows, so you may soon see a trampoline park open near you.
Until there was one who came out by my side, I went to the children in the garden to play!
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