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‘bomb cyclone’ storm brings snow and high winds across united states

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-14
The National Guard uses special vehicles with tanks
Just like after a huge storm, heavy rain and heavy snow were launched in most parts of the United States to rescue drivers stranded in Colorado.
With the storm coming, the governor of South Dakota closed all state offices on Thursday, while wind, snow and snow-
Crowded roads have also made travel in West Braas, California dangerous.
Heavy rain has caused flooding in the eastern United States and Iowa. googletag. {});
Snowstorms in Colorado caused widespread power outages, forcing hundreds of flights to be canceled and causing serious damage to roads as drivers were inundated with dazzling snow.
The gust in Colorado Springs is 97 miles an hour.
A historic Great Plains cyclone is taking place in the central United States. S.
This is the latest. . . pic. twitter. com/CLAsDmmOkZ—NWS WPC (@NWSWPC)
On March 13, 2019, the storm also killed Corporal Daniel Groves, a Colorado patrolman who was killed by a car while helping another driver slide down a road near Denver.
\"It\'s a tragic reminder that people\'s lives are under threat,\" said Shoshana Lew, transport minister of Colorado.
\"The best place is at home and on the side of the road.
\"On a major road near Colorado Springs, about 200 cars were disabled and more drivers were rescued on Level 2 roads, a Transport Department official said.
One of the trapped drivers is 22-year-old Brian McKenzie.
She and her mother, brothers and sisters were trapped in the car for more than two hours on a hilly highway in Colorado Springs.
Snow is so dazzling and numb, she said, and the wind is so fierce that she feels unsafe when she walks to the hospital on the side of the road. googletag. {});
\"Like every second you\'re out there, it feels like part of you is frozen,\" she said . \".
MS MacKenzie and her family were finally rescued by his father. up truck.
A man in Wyoming clears snow
Josh Galemore/Casper Star-Tribune via AP)The window-
On Wednesday, a violent storm brought snowstorms, floods and tornadoes across 25 states, stretching from the Rocky Mountains in the north to Texas and beyond.
\"It\'s a very epic cyclone,\" said Greg cabin, head of forecasting operations at the weather center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
\"We are working on something in the history book.
\"Dozens of drivers have taken refuge at truck stops in eastern Wyoming, and snow blowing has forced some of the major highways in Colorado, NE and South Dakota to close.
Meanwhile, hundreds of flights have been canceled at Denver International Airport and nearly 40 flights have been suspended in Colorado Springs.
The storm forced schools and government offices across the state to shut down for a day and cut power off thousands of households and businesses.
The culprit is that the ground suddenly fell badly-
Kabin says the Colorado air pressure is the most obvious dive since 1950. googletag. {});
This is caused by the combination of jet flow and normal conditions in the wind shadow of the Rocky Mountains.
The air burst into the low
Then rise into the atmosphere.
\"Really, it\'s like a vacuum cleaner,\" says Mr cabin . \".
When so much air comes into the atmosphere, it can cause bad weather.
Meteorologists refer to the rapid change in pressure as a \"bomb cyclone \".
Mr. Kabin said parts of the seven states were warned by Blizzard, and 20 states were under some degree of strong wind warning.
A tornado in New Mexico ripped the roof from a building in Dexter town, about 200 miles south.
West of Albuquerque.
Authorities say five people were injured but none were injuredthreatening. -
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