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blues win spoils royals\' party

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-23
Birmingham will compete-
Confidence after victory.
However, the loss when Redding\'s players and staff, after the end of the game in last May, naturally raise the npower Championship trophy at Berkshire, will be the last thing in their mind
The pain at Wembley.
But Birmingham, unbeaten in nine games, will gain great confidence from the win, which will give them a fourth place in the second leg of the game and a home advantage --
The game against Blackpool
The first stop on Bloomfield Road next Friday.
Substitute Adam Rooney grabbed the opener 24 minutes before Pablo ipbanes, twice rushing to a post.
Chelsea goalkeeper Colin Doyle saved two penalties from Chelsea\'s Juan Mata in the FA Cup earlier this season, and he won\'t let Ian Hart play, wade Elliott won with his own penalty.
Manchester City could have given reading the worst defeat of the season during injury time, but Elliot saw a second spot --
Kicked off by Adam federich.
Birmingham games-
In addition to math safety, boss Chris Hutton has been able to get star actor Malone Kim and Chris Burke off the bench while Joden Munch has been ignored, he
Early entertainment was provided by 4,134 reading enthusiasts who were in good health and were really in a party atmosphere, and many inflatable toys took to the pitch early on.
Andros Townsend and Curtis Davis tested federich before the 19 th of Manchester City
The minute hit, because Nicola Qi had his ankle hit during a previous challenge.
Royal facade Simon Church opened the score almost immediately with a well
Volley on the crossbar.
But the Blues broke the deadlock halfway through the second half, as Rooney was playing for Ziggy and after Nathan Redmond\'s massive left injury, he moved from the center of the box.
18 full of hope-year-
The old man blew his own short gun, but it was the owner who soon cleared the line.
Davis made an appeal to Adam le fondrey for a dunk, but the ball was passed on to Doyle and had to be cut off by ipbanes.
The Spaniard came to the blues rescue again before the break because he was off the line for the second time from Le Fondre.
Ibanez has an impact on half of the trip almost at the other end
Time. he\'s on Elliot\'s right header. wing free-
Start from the post.
Jobi McAnuff strayed from his reading goal at the beginning of the second half, and Elliot\'s Blues volley flew over a small part of the bar.
Davis avoided Colin Doyle\'s blushing with timely permission, but from the final corner, ipbanes unnecessarily crossed Alex Pearce, acknowledging the first penalty of the game
However, Doyle used his right to stop Hart\'s excellent save to make up for his mistake.
The game soon ended in 75 minutes as Jay Tabb was punished for handball and Elliott had to go home on the spot.
The former Burnley could have grabbed a second after 12 yards, but after Hal Robson, feldridge refused him --
Kanu knocked Burke down.
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