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blow up the internet!

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-17
In the garden of a bar in San Francisco on Thursday night, a friendly free group consisting of left-wing media activists and various progressive people to consider \"internet 2010 \".
\"What should it look like, how independent and not independent
Together, Profit media and activist organizations shape and create the Internet they want.
Imagine the sloppy, Gray long queues and gray idealists that this forum attracts.
But who invited the daunting, incredible guy sitting at the end of the panel wearing black sunglasses and windbreaker, who seemed to be accompanied by an 80-year-old technical bodyguard --
In the cold San Francisco summer nights, the minds of the souls crowded together, shivering, listening to the voices of the group members like MoJo Wire\'s producer Brooke Biggs;
Lisa Gray Garcia, editor of poor magazine;
The more you look, the less you know, the author, Danny Schechter, executive editor of MediaChannel, promoted their website and looked forward to the future.
In turn, the speaker thinks about what horror would happen if \"we don\'t act now\" and provides their DIY prescriptions to keep the company\'s overlord and white --
The revival of Gulf culture.
But it seems that our five panelists are completely indifferent to the strong demands of his companions for action and the impassioned protests.
He looks like he came straight out of the \"Matrix\" and he only positioned himself as Cybridputo 1-of Los Cybrids--
He even wore a name tag to prove his mysterious identity.
On both sides of Cybridputo 1 is a tall man with a huge black curly hair ---a wig --
Although there is no sunshine at all, it is wearing a black leather coat and dark sunglasses.
Of course, he\'s just Cybridputo 2.
Numero Dos is the only person to wear not only a tie, but also probably once.
This fact made him very suspicious.
In the speeches of all the other speakers, stand behind 1, big-
Short hair Cybridputo often mumbles to practice
In a vague way of threatening, free mic and waving bondslike hard-case valise.
When other speakers are on-
\"The mantra of globalization comes down to one thing: shut up and shop! \" --
Cybridputo 2 interrupted their statements with inexplicable, evil laughter and dramatic yawns, apparently raising his hand to cover his open mouth.
When Lisa Gray Garcia started speaking, Cybridputo 2 scanned her body with a digital frisk and a microphone that looked like a micro microphone.
His antics were delightfully distracted from the task at hand. -
Actually, listen to what the speaker is saying.
Finally it was Cybridputo 1\'s turn to be in front of Mike;
He launched a phased criticism of the Internet as a major economic entity, which promoted the rampant globalization ---
Sinister | ber-
Tools to create new markets.
I \'ve become cranky and worried that my 1 Cybridputo will not live up to his request --cool-for-
The school\'s image, like everyone else, ended up in trouble, but he quickly marveled: \"Los Cybrids suggested that the Internet should not exist! \" \"--
\"It should not exist,\" Cybridputo 2 responded with an ominous low-key when looming behind Cybridputo 1.
What should the 2010 internet look like?
After the terrible predictions of other speakers-
If we don\'t act now, the \"new\" media will be, surprising, surprising, and will end up like the old corporate media ---
I am very willing to agree.
But wait, now that the audience has another voice, cybridput3 is following the crowd, a huge black curly head looming over her head, A blue phone glued interspersed with Cybridputo 1 screaming and overlapping comments at the same time. It\'s a three-
Ring Circus in Cybrids
Los Cybrids claims that what we really need is not a progressive alliance that \"bridges the digital divide\" or spreads our free thoughts online, but rather a gradual dissolution.
\"You have 1,500 e-
\"Mail,\" cried Cybridputo.
\"You have 15,000 E-MAILS!
\"Oh yes, the Internet not only eats up global consumerism, but also destroys your own quality of life, and then, what computers do to the environment and your personal privacy, it is also important to consider the Los Cybrids railway in the carefully designed staccato.
\"We need to unite as the force of progress to truly fight against globalization!
\"The Cybridputo 1 boom.
He exhorted the crowd not to become \"media activists \".
Destroy the network!
The crowd was very interesting, perhaps a little shocked, and highly praised this explosive performing art, which just broke out in the most delicious and unlikely place ---a navel-
Media Group.
Group host and KPFA radio host Larry Bensky good
Naturally, these swans are asked to tell people about their website.
Cybridputo 3 looks ready to explode.
\"We don\'t have a website!
Roll away from the internet!
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