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by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-17
The night before Thanksgiving, my friend Paul and I went to the Natural History Museum to see the Macy\'s parade balloons inflated.
I have planned to do this since I moved to New York in my 70 s, but I always put it off until next year and finally decided to put it off for too long.
The museum is located in a small park at the junction of Columbus Avenue, Central Park West, 77 Street and 81 Street.
Balloons inflate on cross streets, facing the east, from this location they leave on Thanksgiving morning, turn west along Central Park, then go to Broadway, and finally close at the Pioneer Square in front of Macy\'s.
It was a cold night, but it didn\'t stop thousands of people from coming to watch the balloons.
Dozens of police officers gathered them in an orderly manner after the great things happened.
We arrived around 9: 30. m.
Paul lives nearby and always goes to witness inflation, he says, sometimes it goes on after midnight, but this year it\'s done a lot when we get there.
Almost all balloons are in a state of full expansion.
They were moored 5 or 6 feet of the air above the sidewalk and fixed in place with ropes and nets.
They face down with inferiority.
Nevertheless, they have a breath of life as the breeze transfers them to their bondage.
You feel their rise.
In New York, people get used to the huge differences in scale, but it is still surprising to see these works at close range.
They range in length from about 50 to about 70 feet M, and in places very close to the ground, they lie on the side, still up to several floors.
They look bigger than they are on TV, flying over the steep canyon on Broadway.
In front of the queue, there are a few stars about 10 feet high and an ice ready to lead the parade
Cream Cone about 15 feet tall. The ice-
On such a cold night, the cream cone looks old, dusty, respectable, and very unappetizing.
Maybe it\'s the veterans of many parades who are ready to guide new balloons and not let them go astray.
My favorite balloon is Mickey Mouse.
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